At the beginning of this entry, it should be explained to the unoriented what the term “ergogenic ingredients” means. In short, it means more or less “work-creative”, that is, thanks to which our body is able to lead to increased efficiency, faster regeneration and better performance. This text will probably be of key importance to people actively doing sports, but maybe others will find something for themselves. 


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One of such components are branched amino acids known more widely as BCAA – valine, leucine and isoleucine. The source of the highest occurrence of such substances are animal products. For example, a portion of beef (1000kcal) contains about 34 g of such amino acids, and whole grains in a portion delivering the same energy value of only 6g. 

What is the difference between BCAAs and other amino acids? 

Here the matter is simple. BCAA affects the stimulation of growth and regeneration of muscle tissue. Unfortunately, people practicing sport often do not have a specific style of nutrition, and if they have it, it is the result of fatal theories about the harmfulness of fat and the health-promoting effect of cereal products. Therefore, glycogen-pushed organisms receive a small amount of branched amino acids that could help regenerate weakened, after training, muscles. 

The next and last ingredient, and in fact the ingredients that I would like to write about today are fruits and vegetables, which using a slightly different mechanism than BCAA, protect our muscles from decay. 


A diet rich in cereals and dairy products causes the acid reaction in our blood. To make things worse, the body also adds substances of this magnitude in the bonus. This situation can lead to acidification of the body. The body finds a suitable solution to this problem – it breaks down muscle tissue, which is for him only an unnecessary and demanding supply of energy in order to maintain, ballast. A diet containing fruits and vegetables causes the formation of a state of metabolic alkalosis in the blood, ie alkaline reaction, which eliminates the possibility of muscle breakdown as a result of acidification. 

Let’s also remember that both meat and fruit and vegetables are an important and one of the best, if not the best source of vitamins and microelements. 


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