Everything about eggs is worth knowing and a handful of practical advice on how to handle them.


The nutritional value of eggs


The egg protein contains all the essential amino acids that the body can not produce. They are absorbed almost entirely and are used, among other things, to build muscle.


Vitamins and minerals

Eggs contain iron, phosphorus, sulfur, calcium, potassium, chlorine, iodine, zinc, vitamins A, D, E and vitamin B, including folic acid. Therefore, eggs are a valuable ingredient in every diet, including pregnant women, children, adolescents and convalescents.


Lutein and others

The egg also contains lutein, which is of significant importance to the eyes prevents damage to the retina, fighting free radicals. In addition, thanks to the lecithin content, eggs improve memory and concentration.


The egg protein has only 14 kcal, and the whole egg is 83 kcal. So if you take care of a figure, and you love scrambled eggs, do it, for example, from two eggs, but separating one from them from yolk.



One egg contains up to 270 mg of cholesterol. You must know, however, that no scientific studies have confirmed that a diet rich in eggs is the cause of heart disease! In addition, high cholesterol alone is not enough to contract atherosclerosis – some researchers say, and this opinion is slowly starting to take into account in the scientific community.

Interestingly, eggs contain omega-3 acids that lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. So they have health-promoting effects. In addition, lecithin contained in eggs prevents the deposition of cholestrol in the walls of blood vessels.

Healthy people can eat up to 4 eggs a week. People with heart disease, according to official recommendations, should not exceed 2 eggs per week.


A method of preparing

The healthiest are boiled eggs or scrambled eggs. If you like hard-boiled eggs (it’s difficult to do without them during Easter), cook them no longer than 8-10 minutes so that they do not lose valuable vitamins. Cooking too long deprives the egg of up to 40% of its nutritional value. Cooking for 8-10 minutes also kills all the bacteria present on the eggshell.


Egg markings

Check the number shown on the stamp on the shell, after letters PL

– the number 1 means that the egg has been raised by a hen reared on a large catwalk,

– number 2 is a littering symbol,

– the number 3 means that hens are in cages.

The lower the number, the better the hens’ life and the better the quality of the egg itself.


For gourmets

Ostrich eggs – one piece weighs approximately 1650 g, contains 1 kg of protein and 320 g of egg yolk and five times more (than chicken egg) valuable unsaturated fatty acids.

Goose eggs – nutritious, but hard to digest, because they contain a lot of fat.

Quail eggs – three quail eggs are the equivalent of one chicken. Although they have less egg yolk and fat than chicken eggs, they contain more vitamins and minerals.


How to check the freshness of eggs

Put the eggs in a pot with cold water. Fresh eggs will remain on the bottom, slightly stale will set up in water vertically, and completely spoiled will flow out.


How to cook an egg so that its shell does not break

Method 1 – hard and soft eggs Before throwing eggs into the boiling water, remove them from the refrigerator and warm them first in warm, then in very hot water. Put the heat into boiling water.

Method 2 – hard-boiled eggs Prick the wider end of the egg with a small pin and put it in cold water with the addition of vinegar. Slowly bring the water to a boil, boil the required number of minutes.

Cooked eggs can be stored in the fridge for 2 days. It is best to peel them from the shell and place in lightly salted water.


How to peel an egg from the shell without damaging the egg

After cooking, place the eggs in cold water. When they cool, the peeling will leave the egg without peeling.


How to distinguish an egg cooked from raw?

Spin the egg on the table top. The boiled egg will spin and raw will not.

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