A slim waist is a dream of women and men. Check what is used to it, what is harmful and do not waste time on activities that do not bring any result. Flat belly? It’s easy!


  1. The excess of fat collected in the abdominal area is much more harmful to health than fat accumulated in any other part of the body. It increases the risk of heart disease, strokes, type II diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer’s, colon cancer, metabolic syndrome, hypertension. You can have a genetically-conditioned tendency to accumulate fat around the abdomen, but it is mainly a fatal lifestyle that favors increasing waist circumference.


  1. Eating greasy dishes is not the main cause of fat gathering inside the abdominal cavity and under the skin of the stomach. Regardless of what kind of food the excess calories come from, it is accumulated in the form of adipose tissue. Genetic factors, diet, age and lifestyle – all these elements determine whether you will manage to keep a slim waist, or it will expand. We have no influence on genetic conditions and the passage of time, but the type of diet and physical activity are factors that we can control and it is worth doing.


  1. The term “beer belly” contains a lot of truth. Frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages, which are after all high caloric, makes it difficult to maintain a flat stomach in three ways. The first is the calorie content of alcohol – 1 gram of it has almost the same calories as gram of fat. The second is the fact that the liver metabolized with alcohol, to a lesser extent, metabolizes fat, which is conducive to its deposition, also around the waist. The third aspect of the adverse effect of alcohol on the figure is that after drinking a drink there is an appetite and often makes us lose control over the amount of food consumed.


  1. Did you know that there is a type of fat that can program the body to store fat around the abdomen? This is the ability of trans fats, most often contained in certain types of margarine, in sweet confectionery, in cookies or in ready-made dishes, which is enough to heat in the microwave.


  1. In the fight against abdominal fat, we can help ourselves by eating blueberries and drinking green tea. A report appeared in the Journal of Nutrition that proves that drinking green tea combined with physical activity accelerates slimming. The catechins contained in green tea stimulate the body to burn fat, especially from the abdomen. Berries have a similar effect.


  1. In slimming the waist also helps a diet rich in fiber. Therefore, it is worth replacing all “white” products with their equivalent counterparts, and at the same time limit the amount of simple sugars consumed. Researchers have found that controlling the number of calories consumed in combination with a diet rich in whole grains is more effective in slimming the waist than simply controlling the calorie content of the diet.


  1. Men, due to their hormonal profile, tend to accumulate fat around the abdomen. Women tend to wear their hips and thighs. Due to hormonal changes after 40 years of age even ladies who have always been slim, start with fat, and fat accumulates in the waist.


  1. It is not true that it is the hardest to get rid of belly fat. Properly planned slimming allows you to reduce the amount of body fat, from the whole body, and thus from the stomach. Of course, not all parts of the body are getting rid of excess fat at the same pace – it’s a matter of genetic conditions that need to be reconciled with patience.


  1. You will not get rid of the “tire” from the waist by doing abdominal exercises, just as you do not get rid of fat from your thighs, exercising your leg muscles. Burning calories, and so fat, involves the effort of many muscles, that is why weight training (cardio, aerobic, interval) and strength training of the whole body are used in the weight loss process. It is worth remembering, however, that the strong muscles of the torso, and thus the abdomen, are a guarantee of a nice posture – straight back and drawn abdomen – a figure on which even some imperfections look more favorably. You do not believe? Stand in front of the mirror and see it with your own eyes. Even if your belly is covered with a layer of fat, it looks much better when you tense his muscles and straighten your back.

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