The key to success is isometric exercises, ie training without movement. They involve tightening certain muscle groups (for a start for a few seconds) and then loosening them. Here are 3 exercises for you. 


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Clench your buttocks while brushing your teeth 

You brush them at least twice a day for 3 minutes. And 6 minutes of muscle strain can really beautifully shape the buttocks and strengthen the thighs. Especially when you do it regularly. 

How to exercise? 

Stand in a light stride tighten the buttocks and thighs. Bend your knees as if you have frozen in the middle of sitting on a chair. At the beginning, stand in this position for 5-8 seconds and make a 10 second break. Repeat the entire time you brush your teeth. As your muscles become stronger, stay in the squat longer. Ultimately, you should stay in this position for three minutes. At the end, straighten your legs, one lean on the bathtub or toilet seat and make a slope forward until you feel stretching in the back. Repeat with the other leg. The advantage of firm buttocks and strong quadriceps muscles. 

Pull your belly in the bus 

Most people spend at least one hour a day in public transport or car. It’s the perfect time to train your stomach. You can do it while standing and sitting. 

How to exercise? 

Inhale and pull in your stomach the most you can. Withstand 5-8 seconds, breathe calmly and relax completely. With another inhalation, once again, pull the abdomen as much as possible, and then, letting out the air slowly relax the muscles. Stop when you feel that the muscles are tensed in 30-50%. Keep this up for the whole trip. When you get off, put your hands on your back over your buttocks and bend backwards. Hold for 10 seconds. Benefit flat stomach and better posture.

Fir the bust in front of the TV 

Lovers of TV series have one more opportunity to exercise – watching TV. Each of us spends a different amount of time before him, but on average the episode of the series or show lasts 30-60 minutes. During this time, you can firm your breasts. 

How to exercise? 

Sit straight in the chair, fold your hands as if to pray, and pitch your elbows side to side. Press your palms together and hold 5-8 seconds. Breathe calmly. Take a break of 10 seconds and repeat the pressure. Do the exercise with short breaks until the end of the program. Then straighten your arms to the sides, move your thumbs up and move your hands as far as possible backwards. The advantage of shaping, raised bust and strong biceps. 


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