To prepare well for surgical treatment of obesity, you must move more. Walks, systematic exercises and workouts will strengthen the body against bariatric surgery and also help to lose weight and build new motor habits. We advise on how to properly increase physical activity before bariatric surgery. 

Obesity is not only a serious disease in itself, but also leads to about 50 other serious accompanying diseases, so-called complications of obesity. In the first places doctors exchange type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the digestive system, tumors, as well as diseases of the osteoarticular system. Among the latter, people with obesity are most often affected by osteoarthritis of the hip joints (koksartroza), osteoarthritis of the knee joints (gonarthrosis) and degeneration of the joints of the spine (most often the lumbar region), as well as discopathy and other diseases of the intervertebral disc. Excessive body weight also contributes to the formation of knee valgus, flat feet and other overloading pain syndromes of the musculoskeletal system. 


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The adipose tissue, which is a symptom of obesity, overstocks the joints, which leads to damage and degeneration of joint cartilage joints. In damaged joints, sharp bone growth occurs, so-called osteophytes. They cause pain and limit joint mobility. These complaints intensify with movement. The patient unknowingly transfers the center of gravity of the body, escaping from pain, which in turn contributes to excessive overloading, and as a consequence of faster degeneration of subsequent joints. Overloaded joints are also more vulnerable to micro-injuries and mechanical injuries, eg rupture of ligaments, sprains of ankles and knees. Often comes to them when doing everyday activities, such as descending from the stairs. As a result, people with obesity often give up any kind of physical activity. Lack of movement, in turn, leads to the development of obesity, and thus the patient is stuck in a closed circle. 

Bariatric surgery is a modern method of surgical treatment of second degree obesity (with which there are other diseases) and third degree obesity. Bariatric surgery is a major surgery. A person with obesity is often burdened with a number of accompanying diseases that disrupt the work of many systems, including the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Thus, the body of such a patient regenerates more slowly than a healthy person. 

The weakening of the body after bariatric surgery can be compared to the weakening of the organism that has just run a marathon, or 42 km. This is why, for planned surgical procedures, such as bariatric surgery, the body needs to be prepared in the best condition so that it can withstand such a great effort. It’s not that the patient becomes a sportsman, but that he just starts moving more. 

Strengthening the body’s efficiency before bariatric surgery can not be violent. Squeezing the seventh sweats in the gym for a few days before the surgery, you can only lead to injuries to your body, or to more serious consequences of excessive solstice, for example, myocardial infarction. Move motor activities and increase in stages and systematically, a few months before the surgery. This should be the time to prepare for surgery, not just waiting for him. Use it wisely so that the effects of the surgery are better and last longer. A physiotherapist or a rehabilitator who will cooperate with a hospital that performs bariatric operations will help you. However, there are still few hospitals that offer patients comprehensive pre-operative care. We suggest, therefore, how you can prepare yourself for a bariatric operation. 

Do you want to start moving more before surgery? A special plan will help you in this. In an ordinary calendar, under each day of the week (including weekends and holidays), enter the items that are part of the correct schedule of physical activity, and therefore healthy lifestyle. 

Physical effort will not work if it is not combined with a properly balanced diet. For a patient who is getting ready for a bariatric surgery, it is recommended to switch to a reduced calorie diet. A detailed diet schedule will help you prepare a bariatric dietitian. If you do not have access to such a specialist … 

For starters, to increase your body’s efficiency, start walking more. You do not have to immediately take a few kilometer walks. Especially if you have not moved too much before. Start with simple solutions. Leave the phone and computer in a different room, place a glass with a drink on the furniture in the other corner of the room, park the car a few meters away from the entrance. To use all these items, you will do a few steps more than usual. Remember to do it systematically and daily. In this way, you will start to change your motor habits, which will not only improve the body’s efficiency, but also increase its tolerance to effort. Every day you will feel that you can move more without unpleasant ailments. 

The body mass begins to reduce, and the body is well-oxygenated and nourished when regularly, every day we make about 10,000. steps and we use a balanced diet. But with joint problems and other ailments, this result can be unattainable. The pedometer will help you monitor the amount of steps taken during the day and the body’s response to exertion. Keep it always with you because every step is important. Do not compare yourself with others. Remember that you adjust the number of steps to your body and improve your own results. 

Regular, everyday (at least 5 times a week) gymnastics before bariatric surgery includes three types of exercises 

You can do exercises yourself at home. But you can also sign up for rehabilitation. Ask your doctor at the clinic for referral to a rehabilitation clinic. However, we warn you that the queues for rehabilitation reimbursed by the NFZ are long. It may happen that you sign up for a bariatric surgery and you will get it after the surgery. Then they will also be indicated, so it is worth taking advantage of this possibility. 

Apply moisturizing and firming creams on a daily basis. For example, those used by pregnant women. Thanks to the embalming, your skin will become more elastic and it will shrink better when after bariatric surgery you will quickly lose weight. Carefully nurture the abdomen, buttocks, breasts, arms and legs. Especially places at the knees and thighs, because there you like to collect excess skin creating ugly bags, or folds. Therefore, for a good effect, it is worth starting moisturizing the skin already a few months before the procedure. 

In addition to increasing the number of steps and gymnastics, spend more time three times a week for more intense workouts. The time of their duration adjust first to your efficiency, and then systematically increase. Effective training should last min. half an hour with maximum involvement of as many muscles as possible. Choose activities that will not burden your joints – for example, Nordic walking, cycling, swimming, aquacycling (cycling in water), aquaerobics (water gymnastics). 


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