During ordinary home activities, you unconsciously make unnecessary movements and unnecessarily strain your muscles. The effects do not make you wait long. In the evening you complain about backache, headaches and legs pains. You feel tired tired. And there is a very simple remedy for this – it’s Alexander’s technique. 


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Alexander’s technique – about the history of discovery 

Frederick Alexander was an Australian actor. At the beginning of his career he contracted inflammation of the vocal cords and slowly lost his voice. Because the doctors could not help him, he decided to look for help on his own. He watched in the mirror while presenting stage issues. He realized that during the performances he unconsciously tilted his head back and then held his breath. This action became the cause of losing voice. After this discovery, Alexander began to look closely at himself and others. He understood that the recipe for health is harmonious cooperation of the whole body, as well as the conscious use of muscle strength. 

Alexander’s technique – with minimal muscle strain 

When brushing your teeth – unnecessarily stiffen your neck muscles and hold your breath when you lift something from the floor – we stretch your arms and hands, grip your teeth, we hunch and stiffen your legs. And this becomes the cause of later muscle pain! If we prevail over their clasping, then the energy will flow freely and without interference. Otherwise, back pain, fatigue, rheumatism, breathing problems, hypertension or digestive problems arise. 

Exercises for various ailments according to Alexander 

Alexander’s technique is the perfect idea for the lazy. It is based on simple clues – relax your neck muscles, let your head balance freely back and forth. Relax your torso and leg muscles so that they move smoothly in all directions. Control the tension of the arms, because just like in the neck, stress accumulates. 

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Basic position – relaxes tense muscles, relaxes, eliminates stress and fatigue. 

Lie on the floor on your back, rest your head on the book. Put your hands on your hips, move your elbows away from the torso. Legs bend in your knees and lift up. Every day try to lie so for at least a few minutes. 

Position 1 – cures insomnia, headaches, nervousness, fatigue and lowers blood pressure. 

Sit on the floor. Embrace your knees and press them very firmly into your chest. Grasp your hands under your knees and inhale. When exhaling, bow your head so that the chin is inserted between your knees. Stay in this position for 25 seconds, raise your head and straighten your legs. 

Position 2 – helps with trouble with sinuses and eyes and earaches. 

Stand with your left leg extended forward, straighten up. Put the weight of the body on your right leg. Straighten your arms to the back and grasp the wrist of the other with one hand. Take a deep breath, while exhaling, bow your head very slowly, touching the chin with the chin. Hold for 25 seconds deeply breathing. Repeat the exercise by sliding the other leg forward. 

Position 3 – helps with various skin diseases, among others acne and eczema, also relieves neuralgia. 

Stand in straddle, straight as a string. Lightly bend the knees, move the weight of the body to the right leg. Hands bend in elbows, right hand in front, left in back. Take a deep breath. While exhaling, turn your head looking at the left arm, stand in this position for 25 seconds. Repeat the exercise by moving the weight of the body to the left leg, holding the left hand from the front and looking at the right shoulder. 

Position 4 – helps with pain and inflammation of the throat. 

Stand with your left leg extended forward, bend it in your knee. Keep your back straight all the time. Hold your straight hands behind your back, grasp one wrist of the other with one hand. Try to bring your arms closer together. While breathing in, head your head back as far as possible to touch your back. Maintain the position of 25 seconds deeply breathing. Repeat the exercise by changing the leg layout. 


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