For sure many of you suffer from shoulder pain, whether during training or with normal movement. 

The discomfort caused by shoulder pain teases not only when exercising this muscle part, but they also often ache when squeezing on a cage or when making biceps. All you need is a bad barbell or weights and we feel stabbing pain in our shoulder. What is this caused? Most of us do not pay attention to it, clenching our teeth and practicing the proverb “Pain is growing, in my opinion there is no worse and more thoughtless saying. Others, on the other hand, spend money on ointments in order to relieve the pain as if it were good, but only bring temporary relief. So what to do? Do you give up the exercises, or do you keep practicing with your fury? 


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The answer is simple and the pain concerns the muscle which, like a rigid protective cuff, is placed around the bones of the arm, the muscle lies deeply and is called the rotator’s ring. it contributes significantly to the stabilization of the shoulder joint. Especially when training with large, and the biggest weights of this group of muscles, we should devote special attention, because it is a weak or weak muscle structure of the shoulder joints that causes the discomfort. 

I would like to present the exercise we are training this muscular party. It is called “greeting with both hands can be funny and the appearance of the exercise can entertain us but the effects and results are very good and most importantly get rid of joint pain. thanks to this practice we practice 


Starting position 

With straight backs and leaning forward the upper part of the calała sit on the training bench. We grasp the diwe not very heavy dumbbells. As you can see on the drawing, the angle between the arms and forearms is 90 degrees. The dumbbells are directed towards the floor, but the forearms do not hang down, only they are slightly raised, so that the muscles of the arms and shoulders are already in a slight tension. We keep our head on the extension of the ridge, keep our eyes steered forward. At the beginning, we breathe in. 


Execution of the exercise 

We inhale, tighten the torso muscles and perform an insulated external rotation in the shoulder joints, raising the forearms to such a height that they pointed upwards in the end position. The arms and the louse remain at one height. The movement takes place only in the shoulder joints. Then lower the weights slowly in a controlled way back to the starting position. 

Advice and complementary tips 

– Let’s escape taking a torso! 

– Let’s keep our backs straight and avoid creating lordoc. 

-Don’t let the chest collapse while doing this exercise. Place the bridge towards the ceiling. 

– we will achieve a safe technique by imagining that a stiff rod runs from the left elbow. Elbows, shoulders and shoulder girdle during the entire course of the movement keep the line as straight as possible. 

External rotation 

Starting position 

We put (as shown) sideways on the bench or on the floor mat. We place the arm of the practicing hand stably on the side of the torso. Forearm is directed forward, elbow bent at right angles. Stabilize the shoulder at the top with a free hand or support the head with it. We leave the dumbbell to the level and start breathing in first. 


Execution of the exercise 

Thanks to the external rotation of the shoulder joint, we raise the bar in a controlled manner to the height as possible, the arm still lying on the body. The movement takes place only in the shoulder joint. While lifting the weight, we exhale and leave inhaling. We practice both sides in the same way. 


Practiced parties 

Internal rotation 

Starting position 

We put on the side on the training bench. This time, with the hand at the bottom grab the dumbbell, and with your free hand we hold the edge of the training bench, so as to be in a direct balance. The practicing hand is bent at an angle of 90 degrees at the elbow. Her arm lies on the training bench so that we can move the forearm freely. In the start phase the forearm is lowered, the dumbbell is directed away from the body. At the beginning, we breathe in. 


Execution of the exercise 

Thanks to the internal rotation of the shoulder joint, we raise the bar with an arched movement up towards the shoulder at the top. Then lower the forearm slowly and in a controlled way to the level. While lifting, we exhale while leaving the inhalation. 



Exercised muscles 

Tips for both exercises 

– The torso must be stable, we pay attention to the fact that the movement takes place only in the shoulder joint of the practiced hand. 

– We practice carefully and conscientiously both sides! 

These exercises should also be performed in the form of warming up a small load around two series. It will help me and you good luck. 


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