Physical activity and exercise, have their undoubted advantages.Physical movement, helps to burn calories.This effect works, according to a very simple principle, that the more we move, the more we burn calories.Any physical effort, even involuntary and small, causes burning of calories.

The simplest example is getting up and down the stairs.If, we live in a multi-storey block, or in a tower block, it is best to give up the elevator.

When eating a diet, there is a weight limit problem.Physical exercises mostly help to overcome this barrier.Physical activity, also improves metabolism. NPeople who play sports and generally enjoy more exercise, can eat more without gaining weight.

Exercise improves our mood and makes us sleep better.However, in order to have a healthy rest during the night, you should keep the golden mean and not overdo it with the exercises.Then you can only wake up unnecessarily and have trouble falling asleep.

Therefore, before going to sleep, if we want to practice something, it would be best to do light exercises, not very forceful.It should be a period of at least 3 hours, from very intense physical exercise and going to bed.

The unquestionable advantages of physical exercise is their relaxation function.Monotonous, doing the same activities, allows you to relax and forget about the problems of everyday life.The advantages of physical exercise, having a slimming effect, is undoubtedly the fact that they reduce the risk of falling ill, for cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction.They also minimize the incidence of diabetes, hypertension, breast cancer as well as osteoporosis.

Movement and physical exercise help not only people who are overweight.Their precious influence was also noticed among people suffering from depression.


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Examples of slimming exercises

There are many types of exercises that are used in weight loss.Not everyone likes to practice in gyms or gyms, creping up their own body, and their own unsatisfactory condition.For these people, a set of exercises has been prepared that have a slimming effect, and can be done in your own home.They do not require any specialized instruments, and they are not complicated.Performing these exercises will not take much time, and the systematic use of them, will be desired by many who want to lose unnecessary kilograms effect.

Shears -This training involves putting yourself on the floor, on your back.Hands should be placed along the body.We should raise the legs a few centimeters above the floor and make them move in which legs overlap like scissors.After the first series, take a moment to rest, and lift your legs a bit higher, and repeat the exercise.You should practice 2 minutes in this way.After this series again, take a short break, count to 10 and raise your legs to an even greater height, and then repeat the exercise.

Push the hips -This is another exercise that also has a slimming effect.They are made, also lying on the floor, on the back.They must adhere well to the ground.Hands should be placed along the torso.We bend the knees and tighten the buttocks, and we unbuckle the hips up.Then, we release the hips, even more up, while straightening one leg.It should be in this position, withstand a long moment.Exercise should be repeated, after changing the leg, ten times each side.

Raising legs up. This is one of the most banal exercises, but few people realize what slimming action is.Kneel down the floor, resting your torso on your forearms, checking that your knees and elbows are bent at right angles.Then, pull the belly.

Bended leg in the knee, lift up, tightening the buttocks.In this position, we should take a moment and then return to the starting position.Then change the leg and exercise again.On both legs, we make a series of ten exercises.


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Crossing the legs -In spite of appearances, this is not the same exercise as the scissors.Here you should kneel on your knees and your upper body rest on your forearms.Next, raise your right leg to the level of the hips, and then move it to the side, diagonally and touch the floor, far behind your knee.Then, take a longer moment in this position and return to the starting position.Exercise should also be repeated on the other leg.In total, the series of exercises, they have to have 10 times, on each leg.

Cycling -Other slimming exercise is cycling.It does not require any special expenditures or financial resources, as do exercises at home.When cycling, we can combine business with pleasure.At the same time, we can take care of our condition and well-being, as well as enjoy beautiful views.Cycling is considered by many to be a recreation, and hardly anyone realizes that when cycling, the muscular, circulatory and respiratory systems are strengthened.It has a beneficial effect on the regeneration of strength, the addition of vitality, but also greatly affects fat burning and lowering blood pressure.Cycling reduces the risk of developing illnesses, cardiovascular diseases and asthma.

Gym. -Much of us think that the gym can only do exercises designed only to expand the muscles.Nothing more wrong.We can also go to the gym to get rid of unnecessary body fat.For these people, the trainer prepares circuit training.What is that?

Circuit training is the exercise of strength exercises that cause overloading of individual parts of the body.Such exercises are performed on the so-calledstations.They usually last two minutes, each.We perform about 15 repetitions on a given station, while the number of circuits depends on our strength.For beginners, it is recommended to perform one circuit.Performing these exercises must ensure proper posture, and exercise in the full range of movement.

Pool -Pool is a great place to get rid of unnecessary fat.Moving in a denser environment than the air requires harder work from the muscles, which is why water is a great solution.Training should last half an hour, because only after this time aerobic training begins.We should not swim too much, because too much effort does not burn our body fat as quickly as in case of moderate swimming.Many trainers recommend swimming in a classic style, because it strengthens the muscles of the whole body, and at the same time burns the most body fat.

The choice of the type of exercise is strictly dependent on the individual approach of the practitioner.Only the simplest exercises, which do not require major financial expenditures or a greater diet of the slimming person, were presented here.


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