Epidemiological studies conducted by Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California indicate that runners who run larger distances, as they run faster, have less chance of prostate cancer.


In the years 1992-1993, researchers analyzed the results of more than 30,000 runners who had no prostate problems, then the researchers looked at the years 1999-2002 to study runners who had prostate problems, around 2000. They were looking for a relationship between prostate enlargement and sometimes acquired at various events in which they participated, as well as the number of kilometers traveled.


The data showed that the men running faster than 4.5 meters per second had 32% less chance of prostate enlargement than the gentlemen running less than 3 meters per second. Moreover, the results indicate that the risk the prostate increases when we have a larger body fat percentage, and the longer men who have 33% less chance of developing the disease.


The study shows that physical exercise is an important preventive factor in the prevention of prostate cancer. Activity at 30 minutes per day is already sufficient to effectively reduce your chances of enlarging the prostate gland. What’s more, high intensity of exercise will also predispose to make the body protected from

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