Sooner or later, the reduction period awaits each person who has started the adventure with the gym. And the topic of fat burners is related to the reduction! Are they really effective or just marketing? In this article, I will present all the necessary information that will help you answer the question Is it worth buying a fat burner?


What exactly is a typical fat burner?

It can not be denied that dietary supplements to help reduce body fat are on the top of the most sold. Everyone would like to sculpt his body as quickly as possible or simply lose unnecessary kilograms. “Magic pills for slimming” that will make all the fat melt like ice cream in the sun! “,” They make you a real temples of the body! “We can often read such passwords. Unfortunately, these are only marketing tricks, and producers want to sell their products in the largest quantities.

Fat burners are nothing more than specially selected ingredients in the right amount. These are various chemical compounds, active substances, stimulants whose combination is supposed to cause synergy between them, eg (caffeine, guarana, extrakt from green tea, synephrine, hordenine, ephedrine and many, many others). They can be obtained in laboratories, but a large part occurs naturally in the herbal form. Fat burners have a major impact on our nervous system, well-being and heart.

How do thermogenics work?

The name “fat burners” among dietary supplements aimed at facilitating the loss of fat tissue has not come from nowhere. The thermogens contained in them, i.e. substances such as guarana, caffeine, CLA, synephrine, ephedrine, increase heat production, and this involves burning calories. The body extracts energy (ATP) not only from such components as amino acids, fats or sugars. It is possible to obtain energy in the form of heat through an increased thermogenesis process. What is he?

Thermogenesis is nothing but a series of metabolic processes that allow our bodies to maintain the right temperature and sometimes even increase it. More specifically, the body burns all the energetic substances listed above. It causes the fatty tissue in your body to disintegrate. However, the elevated temperature is not the only advantage of thermogenic substances. After their consumption, a great stimulation is felt. Accelerated heart action causes increased body efficiency and its endurance. I have a much faster metabolism. To a lesser degree, you feel tired. This allows longer and more intense workouts. The end result is that we burn a lot more calories than normal.

At this point, it is worth mentioning the lipolysis process, which involves burning fats found in fat cells. The process is mainly due to adrenaline and noradrenaline adrenal hormones. They cause much more intense energy conversions in fat cells. The consequence of this is the release of large deposits of thermal energy, increasing the body temperature and chemical energy necessary for the proper functioning of the body.


What fat burner to buy? What are the typical mistakes when using them?

The fat burner is the same dietary supplement as the rest. Each body is different and there is no product that will always be effective for everyone. It will work better for one person and worse for the other. You have to approach the case individually and do not necessarily listen to the advice of friends who recommend a particular brand. If you decide to buy a fat burner, you must consider parameters such as


An internship at the gym It makes no sense to throw on a high-fat burner if you’re just starting your bodybuilding adventure. It is better to start with the weaker products from the lower shelf and gradually come to real hardkor√≥w, to know which substances work effectively on us and to fully use the potential they give us. Otherwise, if we reach for it too quickly, it can end with the fact that during the next reduction after buying a hardcore burner from the upper shelf will not work at all. In short, it will reduce and slow down the effects that we could achieve.

Tolerance of the body to stimulants. Each organism tolerates some substances better or worse. One fat burner can “tear someone out of shoes” and give an incredible boost of energy. However, the same product on the second person will not make a special impression and will consider it as a sell. If you drink coffee in the morning and give you a decent kick it means that your tolerance is not too high. There is no specific way to determine it is a strictly individual matter, because no one knows your body better than you. Remember that the more stimulants you take, the faster you get used to them and your tolerance increases.

Problems with heart, pressure, circulation Definitely the most important sub-point. We must be sure that we have no problems with the heart, blood pressure and we are not allergic to any ingredient found in the burners. If you decide to buy a supplement full of stimulants that increase the heart rate, there is no margin for making a mistake resulting from ignorance. Otherwise, arrhythmia or stinging, high hypertension, unrelieving headaches and other serious consequences may occur. You can not underestimate any health problems, health is the most important!


When to use fat burners?

A nagging mistake with which you can meet is the use of the burner at the very beginning of the reduction. Use the potential of your body and for the first months of reduction (or weeks depending on how much reduction takes) simply do not use them. Spin the metabolism with regular meals and cardio sessions. Only when you’ve burned the right amount of body fat and the body needs an extra kick, then it’s a good time to buy a fat burner. This way you will maximize the effects at 100%, and the body tired with reduction will get an incredible boost of energy!


The diet is the key to the dream figure

Unfortunately, but the slimming pills alone will not do anything. Solid diet, hard workouts and cardio sessions – this is the only way to achieve the desired effect. Buying an incinerator does not mean eating what you want and how much you want. Such thinking may lead to your silhouette becoming even worse, and the result will be counterproductive. Remember to comply with the caloric deficit. In this way, the effects will come alone and in a very short time. Otherwise, your reduction may be significantly longer.


The fixed dose

Do not exceed the doses set by the manufacturer even if you do not feel the desired effect immediately. The body will quickly get used to them and you will be very unhappy with the stimulation or other expected effects. Always start with the lowest portion for at least 2 weeks. Then gradually increase it if it is possible.


Are fat burners healthy?

In fact, on the internet you could find cases that someone died due to the use of burners. This was due to the fact that such people had heart defects or led a terribly unhealthy lifestyle. Events that are drunk with alcohol, a lot of steroids, hard workouts combined with burners can be a deadly combination for some people. If you are fully healthy then there is no danger.


Are fat burners essential?

Thermogenics, like other dietary supplements, have been created for people who want to sculpt the body in the shortest possible time. Thus, they are not necessary, they are also not necessary. It should be noted, however, that like the rest of the supplements – THEY ARE HELPFUL.

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