Try dietary ways to speed up the fight against overweight and excess fat tissue. Just a few small changes. It works!


  1. Eat more protein for breakfast and lunch, and burn more calories for the rest of the day. In addition, a diet rich in protein is a signal for the body has come a time of abundance, no need to accumulate stocks!


  1. Drink green or white tea and / or coffee. These beverages have the ability to speed up metabolism.


  1. Eat two eggs for breakfast, and burn more fat during the day than if you had the same amount of calories, but in the form of a sandwich.


  1. Do not climb below 1200 kcal. A diet containing fewer calories signals the body “skinny times”, ie the period of starvation, which results in slower metabolism and slower removal of body fat.


  1. Gradually reduce the calorie content of the diet instead of rapidly reducing it. Uses the step method, where each step is 250 kcal. At each “step”, stay a few days, and then reduce the calorie content again by 250 kcal. Rapid cutting of calories is also a signal to slow down metabolism.


  1. Eat almonds, cherries, yogurt, grapefruit, fiber products and hot spices. All these delicacies facilitate slimming.


  1. Before training, eat food with a low glycemic index. Thanks to this, you will burn more fat during exercise.


  1. Watch out for alcohol – if you drink a drink containing 90 kcal vodka, you slow down your metabolism for some time by 70%.


  1. Are you a woman? Eat regularly, because very long breaks between meals in the case of a beautiful sex are conducive to the accumulation of fatty tissue.


  1. Use olive oil in the kitchen, eat avocado – a diet rich in monounsaturated fatty acids facilitates slimming.


  1. Limit the calorific value of a single meal to no more than 600 kcal. In this way, most calories will be consumed on a regular basis instead of turning into fat.


  1. Turn fruit juices. You will absorb more fiber in this way, you will be satisfied for longer and will prevent weight gain. You can read about the unfavorable effect of fructose on the organism and figure here.


  1. Make sure that your diet is rich in vitamin C, which facilitates fat burning. Vitamin D shows a similar effect.


  1. Drink fish fat (fish oil) and exercise at least three times a week, and lose weight more quickly.

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