FBW (Full Body Workout) training at home is a great idea to start an adventure with strength and body sports for beginners. It can also be a good alternative for more advanced people who complain about training stagnation.

Full Body Workout training – what is FBW?

The basic assumption of FBW training is to involve as many muscle groups as possible on a single session, by performing multi-joint exercises, and limiting these isolated ones. It is characterized by low frequency of training days combined with high intensity of exercises.

In home conditions, you can easily achieve similar results to the gym workout result, but this will require a lot of discipline and self-negativity, because most of the exercises will depend on your body weight.

In order for FBW training to bring the best results, it is required to spend at least 2 days a week. Training days must be preceded by at least 2 free days, otherwise the body may not keep up with the regeneration and superstructure of the weakened muscle fibers.

The number of repetitions, rest time between sets and the amount of the load will depend on the previous goals.

FBW training for muscle mass

FBW training on the mass will provide for a reduction of the number of repetitions up to 8-12, performed at 50-60% of the maximum weight (CM) with keeping about a minute break between sets.

Combined with a proper diet, this method is able to provide progress in the form of acquisition of so-called dry muscle mass.

A big advantage of this training variant is the comprehensive strengthening of the figure. The high energy consumption of exercises contributes to the removal of excess fat tissue, thanks to which the emerging muscle increments enjoy better exposure.

FBW training for strength

.FBW strength training will require sacrificing the number of repetitions (4-6) to increase weight (up to 75-80% CM) and rest time to (1.5 – 2 minutes).

The advantage of this program is a gradual increase in the strength of all parties separately, combined with a noticeable increase in mass and muscle tone resulting from keeping muscles in constant tension during training.

FBW training is a great way to adapt the body to more intense strength training.

The classic strength variant of this method is the so-called FBW 5 × 5 Billa Starra training. It is based on the weekly progression resulting from the gradually increasing load.

The innovation of this training consists in forcing the body to constantly raise the bar. The trainer performs on a given 5 muscle group, in which he tries to choose the weight so as to perform a maximum of 5 repetitions, after which he is obliged to increase the load.

FBW training for fat reduction

FBW training for sculpture is a great alternative for people with high caloric demand and for all weary of prolonged cardio training.

Due to the intensification of the effort by engaging large muscle groups, each FBW training has reduction properties, but by increasing the number of repetitions (12+), increasing the rate of exercise, reducing rest time (<1 minute) and reducing the load (30-40% CM) , the final effects can go beyond our expectations.

However, you should remember the limits of your abilities, because intensive reduction training can lead to extreme fatigue and discouragement.

FBW training for sculpture, due to the reduction of rest time and turning up the pace, will be shorter than the rest and should not exceed 1 hour.

FBW training at home – an example of a training plan

FBW 1 training

Chest and triceps

– pumps with a second hold in the upper and lower position, 2x 15 repetitions

– wide 2x 2x reps


– lifting arms in the heavens with a load (dumbbell, kettlebell, bottle with water) 2x 10 repetitions


– raising arms and legs lying on the stomach of “seal” 2x 15 repetitions

– “deadlift” with substitute weight (barbell, dumbbell, filled training bag, satchel first grade;) 2x 12 repetitions


– 2 x 15 repetitions

– a deep squat 2x 20 repetitions


– bending arms in a sitting position with support on the knee (dumbbell, kettlebell) 2x 15 repetitions

FBW 2 training

Chest and triceps

– pull up wide to the chin with the use of an auxiliary stool 2x 10 repetitions

– push-ups on 2 x 10 reps chairs


– “boxing into the air” with the load in the hands, the variant of hand extensions on the horizontal (“straight”) and vertical plane 2 × 20 repetitions is allowed


– Rowing bar / 2x 2x 12 reps

– “deadlift” on straight legs 2x 15 reps


– squats with a jump of 2x 10 repetitions

– alternating up / down


– alternating arm bending in a standing position 2x 10 repetitions

FBW training for advanced users at home should be closely related to training on the stick due to their level of difficulty and required effort.

In place of the exercises on the cage, biceps and back it is advisable to insert the pull-up with the hook, the snap, the narrow grip and the wide grip.

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