The basic mistake of people who for the first time exceed the threshold of the gym, are too high ambitions, which manifest themselves in the exercise training plans of professional bodybuilders! Not the way! It’s better to get to know the training plan, which is FBW. It is FBW that is the perfect solution for a person who is just starting gym training.

  1. What to focus on at the very beginning?

Someone who has a dumbbell in his hand for the first time must understand one essential thing – bodybuilding is a sport in which good results are worked quietly and persistently. Sometimes it takes several years to reach a satisfactory form! Exercising plans not adapted to your own abilities brings with it a lot of unpleasant consequences such as no results, loss of strength or discouragement of training.

At the beginning, the attention should be paid to the proper performance technique of all exercises with which you are exposed. Exercising with heavy weights with bad technique, worse results will be achieved than reducing weights and focusing primarily on making every move as perfect as possible! Already 3 days in a week will provide satisfactory results increasing from training to training.

Thanks to this the beginner will get familiar with the exercises, which will pay off in the future. Unfortunately, bad executive technique can become a habit. As a result, the results may not be satisfactory, and the risk of injuries and injuries increases.

The first days at the gym should be treated as a prelude to harder workouts. It is worth to hide your excessive ambitions at this time and exuberant ego in the pocket. It is advisable to have a humble focus on technology. It is a foundation that will be forever.


  1. What is the ideal solution and why is it FBW?

For beginners the ideal solution will be to use from Full Body Workout (FBW). It is a training plan created for beginners, although it may be used by more experienced people, eg during the reduction using FBW training and the 5 x 5 method.

FBW is a workout that is performed three times a week, involving the vast majority or all major muscle groups in one session. Thanks to such a comprehensive approach to muscle development, each muscle will receive a strong stimulus, thanks to which it will be possible to develop them optimally in the phase of acquaintance with strength and body sports.

Contrary to appearances, practicing up to 3 times a week, one muscle group, there is no possibility of overtraining. This is due to each batch during the training day only one exercise is performed. During the following days, focusing on the same party, a separate exercise will be used to develop the muscle from a completely different angle.


  1. Why is it worth giving up SPLIT training?

SPLIT training is characterized by a very high intensity despite the fact that often a single muscle party is trained only once a week (especially during the period of building muscle mass).

A significant effect on the intensity is the volume of training, on which one muscle can perform up to five different exercises! Hence, very close to overtraining or, to the other extreme, under-training of the muscles – especially if the large volume goes hand in hand with small weights.

Therefore, SPLIT should be left alone in this case. The time will come when he will be more advanced in training.


  1. Basic information about FBW

FBW is based on a few basic principles that must be taken into account if we want to train with this system

– number of exercises – during one FBW training session you should do one exercise for each muscle group. It starts with the largest part (legs) and ends at the smallest (eg biceps) or the one that is usually left at the end like a stomach. In order to avoid injuries after exercising the squats before the back you can do chest training. Thanks to the use of this trick, you can give a bit more time to rest your spine. It is especially worth to use if a deadlift is performed on the back;

– number of series – most often three series are made. It is a number that inexperienced person will feel the training and give impetus to muscle development;

– number of repetitions – the number of repetitions, of course, is adapted to the weight. At the beginning, however, the weight is not that important, so the best solution will be closing each series in the range of 12 to 20 correctly performed repetitions.

– breaks between exercises and series – breaks between consecutive exercises should be 3 minutes. In turn, the time between the next series of a given exercise should be in the case of a beginner from 60 to 120 seconds.

– stop for the giant series! People who start their adventure with the gym are not ready to perform FBW in the gigantic series, that is, dividing training into stations, during which they do not give each other rest between exercises. The rest appears only after one station has been made!

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