After a few successful and not successful reductions, I would like to share some remarks on persistent fat with you. 

Often, on the reduction of fat, we reach a point which is very difficult to jump over. The silhouette is already formed, however, there are small neidpressures. 

Fat in the lower abdominal region, lipomastia, fat on the thighs and buttocks. 

To a large extent, it is genetically conditioned, and sometimes when all these four phenomena occur, so without panic … 


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What can you do about it? Burn! Well, how, like for 2 weeks and nothing wants to go? 

I will tell you how to do it within 4-6 weeks! 

This is very annoying, because after a few weeks of struggle we reach the critical point. 

This is most often caused by too high estrogen levels, which makes fat burning very difficult. The level of estrogen in blood is genetically determined, we can regulate it with supplements, but about it at the end. 

is your cardio training intense enough? 



How have you been doing aerobics or other aerobic activity so far? Were they performed regularly, with increasing time from week to week? Was the intensity sufficient? 

This is nicely everything before the reduction cycle. I will do cardio 3 times a week for 25 minutes and increase by 5 minutes every week … 

Everything in practice, however, you can usually break your ass. Random matters, occupied cardio machines after strength training, etc. 


It often comes out that in the first after 3 weeks of training you continue to do these 25 minutes of cardio. In addition, you do it with such a pace that God will be sorry. You treat it as a necessity, you force yourself, you treat it as a torture … In this case, the effectiveness of aerobics decreases. However, the effects are, due to the increase in activity compared to the previous one, fat flies, but to the moment mentioned above … 


What is the solution? Totally sacrifice!

Aerobics and intervals are to be a pleasure. The most important issue is visualization. Imagine how you will look / look after 4-6 weeks and to achieve the silhouette from the cover, just go on the treadmills, put on headphones with your favorite music and give yourself to the rhythm of the run, sipping Cisowianka from time to time. 

The offer from me is 40 minutes of medium intensity cardio after each strength training and 3 times a week intervals of high intensity. 


What should the intense intervals look like? 

5 minutes of warm-up 

10 minutes interval at a rate of 11 (eg on the treadmill 1 minute run at a speed of 7km / h and 1 minute run 16km / h and so for 15 minutes) 

15 minutes of light running 

But this time, ladies and gentlemen, there can be no question of flashing from cardio and intervals, without this we can not help ourselves at this stage. 


Gym training 

You can write volumes about training during the reduction! At least a trilogy … 

It is surprising that the gym has the same stereotype for 10 years. Reduction / carving = a lot of reps, short breaks, lots of series … 

Shit the truth! 

Heavy strength training, a small amount of repetition is the way to success … 

However, I will not write about it. 

After that, I’ve seen hundreds of people who have been very limited in strength training (I used to do it myself), being on reduction. I thought it was not important, I focused on aerobics. 

Shit the truth! 

Training with heavy loads and very intense burns a lot of kcal, is an important factor in burning lard. 

I have laid out strength training for 4 days and I would advise you the same. After each cardio training, if you have already forgotten what I wrote in the “Cardio! 


Carb cycling 

These two words say everything. 

The most effective reduction diet I have ever heard of. It will help you maintain the maximum amount of muscle and burn a lot of fat. 

My suggestion is to start with 200g of carbons on days of high carb, 150 in mid carb and 100 in low carb. 

In each meal, the same amount of coals, only the last meal without coals. 

In each meal, I would apply 35g of protein. 

Assuming we have 6 meals. 

On high carb days it would look like this 

1 meal 35g of protein 40g of coals 

2 meals 35g protein 40g coals 

3 meals 35g protein 40g coals 

4 meals 35g protein 40g coals 

5 meal 35g protein 40g coals 

6 meal 35g of protein 


In days of medium carb would look like this 

1 meal 35g of protein 30g of coals 

2 meals 35g protein 30g coals 

3 meals 35g protein 30g coals 

4 meal 35g of protein 30g of coals 

5 meal 35g of protein 30g of coals 

6 meal 35g of protein 


On low carb days it would look like this 

1 meal 35g protein 20g coals 

2 meals 35g protein 20g coals 

3 meals 35g protein 20g coals 

4 meal 35g protein 20g coals 

5 meal 35g protein 20g coals 

6 meal 35g of protein 

Remember the quality of food! 

I do not want to hear later translations, that 20g of carbohydrates with a meal was sugar … 



The most important issue! They really will not help you much! It’s just an addition, it can affect your psyche, stimulate you, give you motivation to spend PLN 200 on a mega burner. 

If you want to spend money on something, then it is wise for you to buy a burner with yohimbin. 

At one time Grasia wrote a great article about yohimbine on the forum. It has been scientifically proven that it helps to largely get rid of persistent fad from the area of ​​the lower part of the abdomen, thighs and pupa. 

If you are a guy and you have problems getting rid of fat from your thighs, suck and you have, for example, lipomastia, then a very strong, allowed antiestrogen will be a very good solution. 


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