Traditionally, the beginning of the year is a time of new resolutions, provisions which in most cases we can not meet or abandon after a short time … for many people such a resolution is to improve the figure by lowering the level of body fat. The following article was created for people who decide to lose weight for the first time, as well as for people who have lost their weight in the past without satisfactory results. You will find a collection of simple and proven advice on how to gently “enter slimming. 


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In the work of a personal trainer, I often meet with novice clients who know “everything about training, nutrition or supplementation in reducing body fat. Unfortunately, the person who begins the adventure with diet and active lifestyle, absorbs like sponge all the information served by television, press and internet without selecting “good and bad” or “useful” or not. Many people want to achieve success as soon as possible, using the methods they consider to be the best and the most effective. For this reason, we have hundreds of people on the forum who did not work out, got lost, or worse, fell into health problems. So how to avoid this? 

Most of the ladies think that only the 1000kcal diet or the recently fashionable Proteinova is the only way to the dream figure, while a large percentage of men think that they are tough guys, for example, CKD is not terrible and can enter the system from the march. 

Many of us dream of a lasting effect, for years, or even a few summer months, so why this rush? Assuming that we have January, a good six months to holiday, why do we immediately throw ourselves into deep water without thinking about a few weeks preparation period to change eating habits, during which we can also lose fat? 

Yesterday you ate even KFC wings, chewed pizza and sipped cola, today you start with a slimming diet … how long do you think when counting calories, eating often not very tasty (yes diet cuisine can be as tasty as highly processed food, but we do not know that beginning) dishes? Week? Two? Below you will find some tips on how to smoothly switch from FAT mode to FIT mode. 

* Changes in lifestyle 

* Changes to the menu 

In the “Housewife” type of newspapers, we can find many golden type advice and many others. 

As you probably guessed, all this advice is worth the shit. 

Do not eat after 18? Ok, but only when we go to bed after bedtime. 

1000kcal? Ok, but only when we want to finish off. 

Give up fat and carbohydrates? Ok, how many proteins would we need to eat to satisfy our basic caloric demand? 

Only fruits and vegetables? Ok, so how is it for the theory of abandoning carbohydrates when they serve us as the only source of kcal? 

How much fiber? Ok, if we want to suffer permanent constipation and mineral deficiencies. 

When we go to the FIT mode gently, we can go to the “proper reduction”. Remember that the best diet is the balanced diet, the combination with the nutrients leave advanced, or ask them for help in the absence of effects. 


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