There are a number of tasty and quick snacks that can help you achieve a shapely figure, and to help the mind during work. We offer you a few easily digestible, easily accessible office and nutrition must have!

Vitarian force

In most stores, we can buy small carrots, radishes, pieces of celery and fruit ready for consumption. They are packed in small containers or bags. Peeled, washed and begging for crunching. You can eat such snacks without any worries every day at work. Crispy vegetables will perfectly blend in with the addition of a dip, for example from Greek yoghurt to which you can add a herbal blend of spices.

Chia smoothies

Smoothies will always be in fashion. Their performance is not difficult. It’s enough to mix the fresh fruit in the bender with the best green leafy vegetables. We can strengthen them by adding linseed, chia seeds or spirulina. Chia’s ready-made drinks are available in shops, but they usually have a large amount of sugar and are expensive. Smoothies should be drunk immediately after preparation, then their beneficial power is the greatest. If you do not have a blender at work, nothing is lost. Buy 1-day fruit and vegetable juice, pour a tablespoon of chia seeds and leave for 15 minutes. You will receive a drink rich in omega-3 acids, beneficial for the brain.

Nut and fruit bars

Shop shelves bend from all kinds of healthy bars. Many of them are healthy only by name, that’s why their composition should be read carefully before buying. If the bar contains only nuts, dried fruit, cereal crunch without sugar, natural flakes, eg oatmeal – it is worth reaching for it. Such a snack is a fast dose of energy that will improve concentration and productivity at work. This energetic injection, if it will not be abused, certainly will not put off in the bacon;) Such bars are also ideal as a quick meal after training.

Pods from steam

Do not have time to go out for lunch? Do you need to eat quickly something simple, filling and dry? Seeds of legumes “with steam” are perfect for you! In all the stores you can easily find beans, chickpeas or canned lentils. We recommend, however, those from the can, but steamed. First, they retain more nutritional value, and second, you can eat them directly from the can because they do not have as much pickle as their traditional counterparts. A well-known brand producing, among others canned vegetables have a line in their offer and once that works perfectly as a fast source of protein and complex carbohydrates.

Are you scared of pods? Add marjoram, thyme or savory to them and mash them with a fork. This quick trick will improve their digestibility, so your intestines will take it willingly. Additionally, remember to gradually enter them into the menu. The body does not like drastic changes in the diet.

Bakali cottage cheese

Dried fruit and dairy products match perfectly. Healthy nutty fats, a quick dose of natural brain-stimulating sugar from sugar, plus a filling protein and valuable calcium – you’ll find it all in a simple snack like cottage cheese with walnuts and dried apricots. Nuts and dried fruit can always be at hand, and dairy in the form of cottage cheese, natural kefir, buttermilk or yogurt can be found in every store. The only thing you need is to mix the ingredients and it’s ready!

Regularity of eating meals is extremely important, but also difficult to observe when we have too much on our minds. That is why it is worth that you suggested a healthy snack in your desk drawer, or at least knew their location on the store shelf so that you can find them in the jungle of an unhealthy assortment without hesitation.

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