Most people are aware of the dangers of consuming products enriched with glucose-fructose syrup, corn or rice syrup, and trans fats. However, do you know substances that are not only not healthy but additionally stand in the way of achieving a healthy, slim figure?

What else prevents us from achieving a healthy figure?


  • Sodium benzoate – a preservative present, among others in ready-made sauces for salads, drinks, margarines and many other foods. It stops the action of leptin, which is supposed to provide a sense of satiety, thus making us unable to eat.
  • Organic phosphates – they are not placed on the label, but are part of many fertilizers and … plastic packaging. They cause pre-diabetes in humans and are considered very toxic.
  • Glycerol monooleate – improves the consistency of ice cream, whipped cream and creams, margarine, etc … Stops the body’s ability to feel satiated, which leads to the intake of more calories.
  • Palmitic acid / palm oil / fractionated palm oil – do not confuse them with real, healthier palm oil. They are obtained using petrol-like hydrocarbons, which makes them very harmful. They occur not only in foods considered unhealthy, but also in energy bars and in protein cocktails.
  • Monosodium glutamate – has been used for a very long time to give the food products a salty and sharper taste. It does not increase the calorie content of food, but it destroys the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, thus contributing to obesity.


Your health should be the highest priority for you. Watch out for what you eat and always read labels if you have doubts about the health benefits of the product you buy.

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