A good diet for a man will help prevent problems such as baldness, weight gain and even … worrying. Check what to eat to enjoy sexual performance, strength, immunity and beautiful appearance!

Food for sexual performance

Men are less likely to complain about their lack of sex than women. However, it is men that more often affects the problem of inability to carry out procreation plans. What is best to eat so that the body does not deny the brain? Bananas and pineapples are perfect. They contain bromelain, which helps maintain good blood flow. It will help garlic to be healthy – the allicin contained in it improves circulation in the intimate surroundings. Try celery. It contributes to the production of antosterone, which increases the attractiveness of a man in the eyes of a woman. Sexual deficiency is also very dangerous for sexual performance. A valuable ingredient is found mainly in legumes, nuts and groats.

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What to eat by force

Strength depends not only on physical exercise, but also on diet. It should be a wide arc to avoid junk food. Chips, fries, chocolates clog the metabolism, cause feelings of weakness and fatigue. Kasha gives physical strength. It should be obligatory to find a place on every man’s plate. The groats have alkaline reaction, thanks to which it detoxifies the body, removing side effects in the form of lethargy or poor condition. In addition, it contains silica that strengthens the joints. She’s rich in carbohydrates, protein and many vitamins.

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Muscle tissue construction

Beef is a must in the menu of a healthy man. This meat contains a lot of protein characterized by a high class of biological value. The body absorbs from 70 to 100 percent of protein consumed in beef. Muscle, egg, milk, cheese and fish also work in building muscle tissue. A particular source of protein are shrimps. They are practically free of fat when prepared without frying. They are the pure building blocks of muscle tissue. In addition, they stimulate the production of red blood cells, preventing the formation of anemia.

Increase in testosterone

Lowered testosterone levels contribute to lack of control over emotions, mood swings, decreased libido, fatty tissue formation, baldness and osteoporosis. All factors are highly undesirable by men. Unfortunately, the level of the hormone falls together with age. To protect yourself from the risk of low testosterone levels, you should consume the products responsible for its production. The first place in this list is red meat. It is worth remembering that the deep fat treatment eliminates the beneficial effects of the products on the body.

Siberian Ginseng

Testosterone levels also increase fatty fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The transformation of the male hormone into estrogen prevents zinc. Its large amounts are found in legumes, pumpkin seeds and whole grain bread. A good idea is also to reach for oysters that contain a lot of vitamin B6, improving the overall functioning of the endocrine system.

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