A bad diet – rich in saturated fats and simple sugars – affects the brain of obese people, causing them to start claiming constant supplies of this unhealthy food.

A diet rich in saturated fats is not only a simple way to overweight, but also a way to adversely modify the brain’s functioning. The brain flooded with fat ceases to function normally, which results in a deterioration of memory and cognitive abilities. This is due to changes in the permeability of hippocampus cell membranes (one part of the brain). The hippocampus is also responsible for the control of thoughts, which in the case of people eating a diet rich in simple sugars and saturated fat results in irresistible thoughts about eating these unhealthy products. Thus, saturated fat and sugar direct our thoughts to products that are responsible for overweight and obesity, making it difficult to lose weight.

You eat greasy and sweet, you are more and more difficult to give up these unhealthy, high-calorie products – the circle closes. What is worse, the change in the functioning of the brain is not only about thinking about food, but worsens it at all.

In other studies, it was found that high overweight and obesity promote the development of later-life Alzheimer’s, which may be the result of just a bad diet. There is evidence that excess fat saturated in the diet destroys the blood-brain barrier, allowing the brain cells to get substances that should not be there.

Of course, an effective fight against overweight and obesity is possible, but often must take the form of lifelong efforts to maintain a slim figure, which must consist in a permanent change in eating habits. This can be difficult because of the likely permanent changes in the brain caused by the previously used fatty diet. People who have suffered from overweight and hippocampus at the time of eating a meal are less active than people who have always been slim – the fact that someone will lose weight does not mean that his brain will quickly return to the state before obesity, unfortunately. He will continue to demand unhealthy food, making the struggle for a more normal body mass more difficult.

Therefore, we have an answer why it may be extremely difficult to maintain weight after a slimming treatment. Therefore, it is better to not allow excessive body weight than to deal with it later. And everyone who has been successful in the fight against very overweight, should be aware that this is only half the battle, because you still need to fight equally hard to maintain the achieved results.

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