Where is the power of swimming? 

Swimming is especially beneficial for our body, because with a small load on the joints, we can simultaneously burn calories, firm our body and sculpt the figure. By swimming, we force a lot of muscles to work, thanks to which we quickly strengthen our body. According to the observations of scientists and doctors, each swimming style, performed at a moderate rate, allows us to burn about 500 kcal per hour. This is because when swimming, our body must overcome the resistance of water. At the same time, however, the joints are subject to considerably less stress than on land. The buoyancy of water, in turn, removes a large part of the force of gravity, thanks to which we feel lighter in the water and do not suffer from pain in the knees or spine. 


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Swimming is therefore a great sport for everyone, regardless of their age. 

Undoubtedly, the plus is the fact that going to the pool does not require large and expensive preparations. Bathing suit or underpants, swimming cap, flip-flops and possibly swimming goggles are all we need. 

What are our expectations, how is it and what then? 

Usually, everyone goes to the pool with a ready plan to use each minute purchased for intensive training. We enter the water full of enthusiasm, after three lengths of the pool we barely stick to the surface, after four hangs clinging to the edge and in order not to compromise longer, we head towards the jacuzzi. How to avoid such a situation? First of all, we must remember that our body also needs time to adapt to the new state of affairs. Muscles and lungs work in water in a completely different way than on land, so do not be discouraged when after a few movements of hands and legs, we begin to sink. 

The key to success is the right tactic. First of all, we should not overload. Training is best to start with swimming with a board, thanks to which the effort is reduced to a minimum, and at the same time we have the opportunity to move in front of the main part. Then, using different styles of swimming and changing the pace of swimming, we begin to gradually intensify the work of muscles. 

Systematic is also important. Well, if we can go swimming at least 2-3 times a week. 

Choose your style 

The crawl allows you to burn the most calories and at the same time it is a method of swimming that requires above all increased effort of hands. In the crawl, the hands do about 70% of the work and they give the float speed. 

The dorsal style strengthens, above all, the back and shoulders, and supports the correct posture. Floating on the back it is worth remembering that the body should form a straight line, ie the beard should not touch the chest, thanks to which our body can more easily overcome water resistance. 

The classic style, colloquially known as the frog, strengthens the thighs and hips. However, it should be avoided in case of curvature of the spine. Żabka develops the front muscles of the chest, not strengthening the back muscles, which leads to disproportion in the mass of muscles. 

For the treatment of spinal defects, a breaststroke is recommended on the back, where the muscles of the spine are working. 

Swimming allows you to get tired, but at the same time gives you a sense of satisfaction and a job well done. For those who are not yet convinced – information from scientists about swimming has a rejuvenating effect. As results from the research, people who sail regularly can boast a condition comparable to the condition of younger people. 


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