I have been struggling with a lack of appetite for a long time and suddenly I have it. Of course, it did not come by itself, it is only the result of applying appropriate treatments, it will now share with you the knowledge that I gained through experiments. I’m not a specialist, I just have a moment of free time, so I will write to you. Most of you may disagree with me and rightly, because what stimulates and inhibits the appetite works on me, and it does not have to work on you. 


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In that case, what stimulates the appetite? 

– growing muscles prefer food, so intensive training is in the first place. On the second day you should feel the muscles, I do not say it in such sourdough through which you can not get out of bed, but with mass training I think that the second-day sensation of a given part of the body is a sign of appropriate intensity 

– a preparation called Citropepsin available in pharmacies without a prescription. I picked up a teaspoon of tea the same way 20 minutes before the meal and maybe I did not want to eat it like that right away, but as I started to insert it, I could not finish it, and the food tasted much better than usual. The rest of the leaflet was written, that not only enhances the lacquer, but also improves the taste of food – I recommend 

– a lot of mineral water between meals accelerates digestion and makes you want to eat after 3 hours. You should not drink before a meal, because then you fill up your stomach unnecessarily and there is water in it instead of food 

– drinking linseed stimulates the appetite and pushes the stomach, a flat spoon on a glass of hot water, you can buy in grocery stores, besides protects the stomach, good for example after alcoholic libation when the second day is unwell, then the stomach and the hour is significantly better 

– if you eat more fiber (fruits, vegetables, flakes), you digest faster and you are quicker 

– being in the open air, airing the apartment and being in the sun. It is often downplayed, but it awfully stimulates the appetite, I am convinced

– vitamin B12. Honestly speaking, I do not know, it probably does not work on me, but it certainly will not hurt our appetite licking the Center tablets, Multivitamins or any other supplements once a day 

– variety of food. Go to a large hypermarket and look at polki, hundreds of different products. Eating a day in a day with a tuna and rice can be a bit boring, you have to diversify 

– a small amount of alcohol eg a beer or a little wine after a hearty dinner will significantly speed up the digestion, but it’s rather once in a while 

– you can buy something like ‘bitter tincture’ in your store, such droplets. Apparently works, but weak on me, better citropepsin 

– hot drinks after meals, not good all day long, well-made hot tea from time to time, especially after a hearty dinner 

– sometimes it’s nice to watch a cookbook with colorful pictures, or turn on the TV as something they advertise on TVShop, eg knives or blenders, immediately sniffs 

– use of various spices, salt of pepper, oregano, basil, sharp dishes speed up digestion and improve appetite 

Now I will say what I think the appetite suppresses 

– all the stress associated with school, work exams, and most probably problems with sticks, at least for me 

– cigarettes and all speedy, but probably everyone knows that 

– leaving meals. I do not know about you, but I have it that when I am hungry and I do not eat anything within an hour then later the hunger passes and I do not feel it even throughout the day. I suspect that the body then rebels and says’ you did not give me food? now I will take them out of your muscles and have you somewhere! ‘. Maybe it’s stupidity, but it just feels it is 

– coffee, but only in large quantities, small amounts even a little emphasize the appetite. Actually, it’s not just coffee, caffeine, because I used to caffeine in tablets and did not want to eat after that 

– organic chrome and many different ones, but I will not be able to penetrate, because he writes about hardgainers and not slimming 

– such bucklers as chips and crisps, cola, packets, sweet bulbs 

Nothing else comes to my head anymore, as you have done, and to tad it congratulates patience. 


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