Each packer knows or should know the importance of diet in bodybuilding, its impact on form and health. 

I would like to present in this topic a few tips regarding the introduction of changes in the current way of nutrition, which will allow you to gradually change in the right direction. 



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I realize that many of you are addicted to what your mother, wife or lover is cooking. 

Every mother knows that the day should start with a solid breakfast, take a school with a toothpick, then a dinner with at least two dishes and at the end of the day dinner in front of the TV. And you suddenly want to see. Five or six meals a day and yet to pack in some containers. It’s also difficult to break down years of eating habits such as sauces, frying, and compote after dinner. How to change it? 

It would be best to have your own money and prepare your own meals. 

But it can also be done with small steps, making the household members aware that such a diet is not just astonishment, but conscious and healthy eating. 

When it comes to food, we change it gradually. 

BREAKFAST usually white bread with cold cuts, cheese, etc. 

We exchange it into muesli, cereal, eggs, white cheese, dark bread, dried fruit instead of sugar, vegetables. 


SECOND BREAKFAST usually sandwiches or fast food, sweets. 

We exchange for a dry lunch of dark bread, a can of tuna, thin meats, eggs, fruit, vegetables. 

– buckwheat groats, rice, a portion of chicken meat, white cheese mixed with rice and apple, vegetables, olive oil. 



Leave a portion of porridge, potatoes, rice, a portion of meat, fish, salad. We change the way we cook – without fried fat. 

Instead of TYPICAL KOLACJA we eat, for example, wholemeal bread, whole-wheat noodles, poultry meat, eggs, vegetables. 

Instead of NIGHT AND EVERYDAY TRAINING AT TELEVISION, we eat meat, fish, cheese, oil, vegetables. 


The diet should gradually be ruled out 

-white white, which we turn into fruits, dried fruits, 

– white – we exchange for black, 

-margarine, butter-convert to olive oil, seeds, seeds, nuts, 

-small fat-turn to skinny, 

– fries, chips, sweets. 



– meat, barbecue, stewing, roasting, 

– potatoes, pasta, cereal cooking, 

– cooked or raw vegetables, seasoned with oils. 

During the first months of exercise, I ate everything that was going down, not paying attention to nutritional values ​​and health. The effects were even good, but I can only imagine what would happen if I immediately started to follow the diet. 

Today, feed yourself primarily healthy and in accordance with the canons of the bodybuilding diet. Thanks to this, I feel really good, and what’s more, I managed to “infect my whole family with this diet. 


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