It is true that not so long ago I described the typical full body method 5 × 5 system, but quite often I received notifications or even if on the forum I was told that after switching from the standard FBW, “the breaks, however, were a bit too heavy. Even when someone ended the previous cycle with the standard FBW method 15-10-5. Therefore, I decided to find something to reconcile the transition from one system to another and keep this article. It can be very difficult to understand during initial reading and confused, yet calmly applying to what we read will be easily digested and quite simple to understand. Thus, the more we absorb the knowledge of this training, the better we use it during the cycle, so we can see the same advantages for the trainer when reading. This system should be a perfect transition between the above-mentioned full body systems between which the drop turned out to be too much for many people and you had to find a cure for it. After this cycle, without a doubt, everyone will be fully ready and ideally prepared to face the hardcore 5×5 version. 

Basic information on training 

In the method described here, the jumps between the first and last day of the training week are characteristic. During the first day of training, and in my case this is Monday, a large volume with quite moderate intensity. On the next training day, in the example falling out on Wednesday, there will be balanced distribution of volume and intensity, i.e. quite light training. We will finish the training week with a lot of intensity, but with a relatively small amount of training. 

This method is mainly based on the first day of training which we have at the beginning of the week. It is the main and basic stimulus that regulates our increments, but nevertheless is an inseparable factor of a 3-day training week. The second day at the same time in the middle is a light workout between two heavier sessions. We end the week with a workout with a significantly increased intensity and a small volume mainly to check our progress. In order to avoid the question of what is the intensity and what volume I immediately give a short explanation. The volume is simply the number of exercises and series of a given training unit, while the intensity is the level of hardness / difficulty of training, i.e. the amount of load. It can also be described by a kind of diagram 


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Volume = series x repetition, sometimes used with reference to series x repetition x weight 

Intensity = this is the% (percentage) of the maximum weight with which we train in a given series. 

A detailed description of the training 

According to what I wrote above, namely the intentional-multiplicity diversity, the total weekly volume of this training is so low that when starting each next week we are fully reconditioned and ready to continue the cycle. The stimulus from Monday’s training in total is enough to force our muscles to effective growth. Friday training is, however, with a defined and at the same time sufficient intensity to strengthen the neuromuscular coordination, which I can not see the meaning. 

Looking at the example, the most characteristic for FBW will surely sit down. Well, on Monday, for example, we do 5 × 5 with fixed load for this number, in the lighter Wednesday day we do 1 × 5 with about 70-80% of 5PM (that is 70-80% of the Monday’s Friday) and last week of the weekly cycle on Friday 1 very heavy series x 5 retries. We check here our best record by prompting it throughout the entire training cycle. 

It is important to start this type of program to know your 1PM (1 maximal repeat), and even better when we know how much our 5PM is at the back of the first day of training and much dependence. The similar relationship was needed for FBW 5 × 5. If we do not know them and it is quite possible because not everyone checks their max for 5 repeats, they just need to find them or start training lightly enough to pull the weight without jerking for 5 loads. The same because I do not start with too much load by condemning training to failure. A very important element of this program is weekly progression and maintaining progress not too fast not to overreach and to make our progress as long as possible. It is worth starting from a slightly understated 5PM pulse to record the progress as long as possible. 


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Many of you will be able to keep on advancing on this type of program even slightly deviating from its so-called principle. What’s going on, namely, you can change a bit of repetition and series but still stick to the scheme regarding volume days, light (often called regenerative) and intensity. Consideration of what I describe on my example on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Monday training must be sufficient enough to stimulate the balance of the body (homeostasis), force it to actively increase muscle. The second, the other has a different task, not to disrupt the balance of orgasm, but to be a stimulus to perform the work in full range of movement. it’s just breaking records. 

The main goal in this program is to progress primarily on Monday but also on Friday. Progress is like any other, but in this case it is measured slightly differently and is controlled from Monday to Monday and regardless of Monday, from Friday to next Friday. 

Quite often, it is about 4-6 weeks, our plans to break records at five-month time become unreal and too heavy. However, in order to continue our progress for the next weeks, it is enough to have a small modification of the plan consisting in a slight reduction of work during the Monday training. Namely, it is enough to reduce the number of series or the post progress should be conserved again. You just need to check that Monday’s stimulus is still enough to grow, but it would not be too strong to block the boredom’s progress. In the case of a stagnation that rides above, it rushes us in one of the days, for example on Friday and we make the recommendations described above improve Monday’s training, however, so as not to simplify it too much and weaken it. You can then try to compensate for these deficiencies by adding on Monday 1 series to each exercise. The second way is to maintain a constant number of retrains in accordance with the principle of training, about 25 scattering, however, on more series with a higher load but with fewer repeats, i.e. 6 series of 4 repetitions. The bigger trouble will be the fact that progress will stop not in one and in two days of training. Of course, this is about Friday and Monday because beauty is to be a day of training but also “regentry. The main responsibility for the progress is Monday, but Friday is the determinant of our progress. Mostly the reason for such a regress for two days is too sharp Monday training which on Friday makes me aware of the lack of adequate rest of the muscles. A simple solution is to reduce 1 or 2 series on Monday or reduce the number of repetitions from 5 × 5 to 5 × 3. Those mentioned during the texas method are speed series, but it’s more fun for the troysters, so I will not describe it. 

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