One of the intensively advertised products on the market of supplements and supplements are gainer preparations. The different types of composition differ from each other, but the most common contain mainly carbohydrates 60-80%, protein 20-40%, MCT oil, vitamins, minerals and small amounts of various metabolic activators like creatine, glutamine, carnitine, dibencozide, inosine, taurine etc. .

Browsing the ads in magazines and catalogs of supplements and supplements, we can read surprising revelations about gainers. Let me quote a few of them

“If … you only get small increments … you are the so-called” grenergine “, gainer supplements may be more important to you than proteins and amino acids.” Hardgainers are rarely met, fast metabolism is not the most likely cause in any case. Inappropriate eating habits are a much more common cause.

Gold Standard Gainer

“You can build muscle mass only when you consume the right amount of calories the best in the form of our products” – What healthy food gives way to your products?

“Remember if you want to look like a top bodybuilder, you have to follow three tips and train hard, use the product name here, use it properly or conditioner properly.” – Lie! You can not look like top bodybuilders without using steroids. And where is rational nutrition, proper regeneration, hydration?

“The right composition of the mentioned ingredients leads to … rapid increase in muscle mass” – Such a great simplification no longer convinces anyone except the author of the advertisement.

“The maximum calorific value of the product enables every competitor to build an extremely high mass.” – But will these possibilities be used? The manufacturer is silent on this subject.

It is understandable that the authors of the advertisements try to encourage the purchase of the product as much as possible, and it is difficult to blame them. But what we are dealing with here is a total reversal of facts. Weight gainers are presented as the only way to meet the hungry body’s needs. This is fundamentally untrue because healthy food is a much cheaper, healthier and more natural way to meet demand. Cereal products like rice, cereals, pasta, wholemeal bread contain very good quality carbohydrates, muscle glycogen, and even small amounts of protein. They also have something that no gainer, or fiber, has. Fiber is a complex carbohydrate that does not provide energy but is essential for proper digestion of all foods.Dietary deficiency in the diet can have very serious consequences, from constipation to digestive tract cancer.

So, are weight gain nutrients necessary? Certainly yes, but they can only be treated as a supplement to a good diet and not as a substitute. Huge amounts of calories are really not easy to provide with food, so gainers can be of help. It’s worth 1-2 times a day to replace a normal meal with a conditioner, but if we limit our actions to pouring liters of a bland mixture into ourselves, the effects can very unpleasantly surprise us.


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