When you become an early athlete in your head, there are many questions about exercise, diet and supplements.You try to make your workouts look as professionally as possible to get to your goal as quickly as possible.Today, we will find out which questions are most often asked by the beginning athletes.

Go to the gym or not?

Many beginner athletes wonder if it is worth going to the gym.This question has no unambiguous answer.People who have more time can afford to plan the day under the gym schedule.However, people who work since the morning hours, and return home when it is already dark, do not have the opportunity to go to the gym.It is worth remembering that it really does not matter where we decide to train.The important thing is where it is easier for us to motivate to exercise and what physical abilities we have.Beginners do not need such a high load that is available in the gym.However, with time, after a few months it will be necessary to increase the load, which may leave us no choice, and our next step will be to sign up for the gym.However, it is possible to buy a load, and this seems a much cheaper option than buying gym passes, which often cost more than one hundred zlotys per month.


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How much should you practice?

Beginner athletes wonder how much to practice to achieve the goal as soon as possible.Everything, however, depends on what goal we have set.If our main goal is to increase muscle mass, then it is necessary to exercise at least three times a week.However, it is worth remembering that between the exercises it is necessary to take a break of two days, which are necessary for the regeneration processes to take place.However, if the goal is to reduce body fat, exercise can take up to five times a week.A break for the muscles is also necessary, but twenty-four hours is sufficient for the body to be able to perform the next exercises without the appearance of unpleasant complications.

What should an athlete’s diet look like?

Here is also what our goal is.If we exercise to lose unnecessary kilograms, it is worth limiting the consumption of carbohydrates and fats.It may be necessary to switch to a reduction diet.It is not a demanding diet, but very effective.It is also worth introducing ingredients that support fat burning.The most effective ones include ginger, oatmeal, spices.However, if we exercise, because our goal is to increase muscle mass, the diet should consist of proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates and a small amount of fat.Before each workout it is necessary to eat a proper meal, which will add energy and increase strength endurance.And two hours after the workout, you need to eat a meal that will supply large amounts of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to the body.So ingredients that are involved in the regeneration and expansion of muscle tissues.

Is it worth reaching for dietary supplements?

Experienced sportsmen have in their daily diet individual dietary supplements, which supplement meals and support the work of the whole organism.As a result, many novice athletes wonder if it is worth reaching for dietary supplements.If you do not exercise regularly, no additional supplementation is needed.It is also worth remembering that at first it is best to use your strength potential, and only then to support your muscles with dietary supplements.So in the initial weeks of training it is best to give up protein supplements, keratin or BCAA amino acids. Over time, however, dietary supplements may prove to be an indispensable supplement to your daily diet.


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