What gives the greatest satisfaction to women?

According to the latest research – health, good form and meeting friends! As many as 7 out of 10 European women have just given such answers. 

Satisfaction Survey has shown that despite the intense lifestyle, the level of satisfaction in the study group is very high. Over 3,000 women from various European countries (Great Britain, Germany, France, Russia, Spain, Italy) participated in it for about 2 weeks, and the results speak for themselves – let’s take care of the form and loved ones, and then we will be happy! 


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In questions related to health and the body, 66% of women confirmed that good condition is important to them. It also turns out that most women prefer a slight tan and would prefer to have a flat stomach than larger breasts. In turn, as the most common form of physical activity, women exchange walks, swimming, dancing and running.

Eexercises and good looks are a guarantee of satisfaction. The actress explains What I like about exercising and keeping my body in good shape is the feeling of satisfaction that they give women. Knowing that I care for my body and mind to stay healthy and look good is a great feeling. 

My work requires constant travel. That’s why I value the moments spent with family and friends so much. It is a really interesting experience when you look at the results of research and it turns out that you are not alone – as many as 64% of women participating just like you, derive the most satisfaction from time spent in the company of loved ones.


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