Eastern creators of natural medicine believed that green tea is a recipe for long life. It might be the case that they were close to the truth. Green tea has invaluable properties supporting the treatment of numerous ailments and preventing the development of many more. How can green tea influence weight loss? Since recently, green tea has been used as an element of reducing diets. Can green tea make you lose weight? Certainly green tea supports weight loss and facilitates maintaining weight after a diet.

  1. Green tea and weight loss – healthy influence

Although green tea is not a drug for a disease or ailment, it was proven that it is characterized by beneficial effects in the fight with many diseases. Green tea improves circulation and digestive processes, strengthens bones and decreases cholesterol level, which is a nightmare of the consumer society. Green tea has been used for ages as a remedy to stomach problems and bloating. This green type of tea is also recommended to diabetics – it turns out that green tea protects from sugar spikes in blood. Green tea contains in its composition valuable nutrients for our organism, therefore it is recommended to drink green tea every day.

However, the properties supporting the organism’s work are not the only advantages of green tea. Green tea constitutes protection against many diseases and ailments, i.a. heart attack, widening of blood vessels and consequently the risk of hypertension is decreased. Green tea may also fight with infections and inflammations and by cooperating with vitamins and other mineral ingredients it protects the organism from microbes and strengthens general immunity of the organism. Drinking green tea also supports concentration and positively influences the work of the brain. The studies on the place of green tea in cancer prophylaxis are still in progress. Green tea supports the fight with tooth decay, as it has antibacterial properties.

  1. Green tea and weight loss

What is the most interesting about green tea are its weight loss properties. It was proven that green tea accelerates metabolism and has fat-burning properties and consequently, it supports effective weight loss. Certainly drinking green tea is not sufficient to lose weight effectively – it should constitute support during a diet and physical activity. Only then the level of fatty tissue may be increased even by 17% in comparison to the lack of green tea during weight loss processes.

Additionally, green tea decreases the level of lipids, improves tolerance of effort and makes us recover faster. Moreover, green tea effectively helps to fight hunger, thanks to which we feel satiated for longer after drinking it. Green tea also has detoxifying properties. Therefore, this wonderful drink is useful for people who want to get rid of cellulitis. It was also proven that drinking green tea effectively decreases the risk of the occurrence of yo-yo effect.

Wonderful properties of green tea encourage to include it to the daily menu (e.g. instead of coffee). Especially that this green drink also tempts with its taste values.

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