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Headaches related to physical exercise affect about 2% of all headaches reported to doctors. Theoretically not much. However, these ailments can effectively discourage even the most motivated people from being active. What can they be caused and how to counteract them? 


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The effort promotes the disclosure of primary headaches such as migraine or tension headache. However, headache can be closely related only to physical activity. We are talking about post-exercise / stress headache. 

It is believed that the main role in the generation of exercise headache is played by changes in intracranial pressure during exercise. In the case of post-exercise headaches, pain occurs from 5 minutes to 48 hours after starting physical activity. It grows gradually and is pulsating. 

Mostly it is found after running, tennis, swimming, weightlifting and kayaking. Headaches after exercise are more common after exercise in hot, dry and humid weather, especially without prior warm-up. 

The origin of primary pain has not been established, but researchers suspect that it is associated with the widening of blood vessels in the brain during exercise, which increases the pressure inside the skull. If the pain is severe, appears suddenly and lasts longer than 48 hours, accompanied by neurological symptoms, such as double vision, stiff neck, and nausea and vomiting are also present, immediately contact your doctor. Such symptoms most often relate to secondary headaches, which may be a symptom of the disease. 


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