There are lots of people who are convinced that the best way to reduce fat is to limit food intake. Unfortunately, sucha a “diet” is not as good as it might seem. The limitation to the principle of eating less is likely to reduce weight, but also to multiple health problems.

Please note that food is not only a pleasure, but also a way of providing the body with important nutrients. Limiting the amount of food can lead to a shortage of these components and thus many health problems. The first symptoms of deficiency are fatigue, difficulty with concentrating, impaired metabolism, immunity and hair loss. These symptoms may indicate a variety of diseases, but very often the cause is precisely the shortage of nutrients. In the case of  running an improper diet for a long time, it may lead to development of diseases such as anemia or arrhythmia, as well as body acidity, menstrual disorders, deterioration of kidney and liver.


The above health problems may be the result not only of mindless limiting the amount of food, but also the use of a too radical diet or an inappropriate to your individual needs. There are some diets that are discouraged by most doctors and nutritionists. One of them is the high fat diet, so called “Kwasniewski’s diet”, which involves a heavy burden on the kidneys and liver, as well as the risk of a vitamin deficiency. In addition, there may be problems with metabolism, due to the exclusion of dietary fiber, as well as the elevated level of cholesterol and weakness, chest pain and dehydration, which have experienced a lot of people using this diet.

Another discouraged diet is a Copenhagen diet, which is considered to be very restrictive. According to the assumptions, within 13 days, a weight loss should amount to 10 kg. The body receives from 500 to 900 calories per day. It is not difficult to guess that this is a big cost for it, and that the weight loss is mainly a result of dehydration. People using this diet often complain about a weakness, concentration problems, headaches and bad mood. Moreover, such a rapid weight loss can cause, so called, the yo-yo effect.

It is important, therefore, to develop a proper diet plan before starting a weight loss, that will fully cover the body’s need for nutrients he needs. The best solution is to consult that with a nutritionist, but you can also develop the appropriate menu yourself, after reading the information on the body demand for various nutrients and their occurrence. In case of doubt regarding the coverage of the body demand for nutrients, then you can add some dietary supplements inte the diet, that will prevent dangerous health deficiencies. To dieters are recommended especially complexes of vitamins and minerals, that supplement your diet with important substances for the body.

Health problems may also occur in the case of improper use of dietary supplements. On the market there are more and more preparations, their producers ensure that the weight loss will occur miraculously, without any physical activity and giving up favorite foods. Such products are inefficient, and sometimes also very dangerous to health or even life. The most drastic example of bad weight loss support is, so called, tapeworm diet, so swallowing a tapeworm larvae. Weight reduction is associated with the operation of parasites that lead to debilitating of the body.

Keep in mind that safe supplements only increase the effectiveness of the diet and exercises. Fortunately, the number of effective preparations is very high. Among them are both products of limiting appetite, as well as supplements accelerating fat burning or improving metabolism.