Can fast food be healthy? Of course! It all depends on how they are prepared and consumed. From the article you will learn which bars to avoid with a wide arc and how often you can reach for a hamburger.

What fast foods are unhealthy?

Fast food is English food fast. There is nothing wrong with the idea of ​​the dishes, but the way they are made and the ingredients. What is offered by most of the chains that came to Poland from across the ocean can not be called food. It is a conglomeration of chemical substances, pushers, laxatives and taste enhancers. In the kettle of the popular fast food bar there are, among others, animal entrails, water, polyphosphates, coloring agents and fat. The salt content is around 2 percent – if you try to get this result at home, you should add up to 500 grams of minced meat about 3 heaping teaspoons of salt. Fast foods that come out of the production line are not allowed to be healthy – they contain genetically modified vegetables and meat, huge amounts of sauces and monosodium glutamate. Their transport takes a long time, so they drip with preservatives. They are usually fried in deep fat of very poor quality. The most unhealthy are fast food, which is served from finished semi-finished products delivered from the factory, instead of being prepared entirely on site.

Which fast foods can you eat?
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The fashion for unhealthy food began to change. Societies have realized that their consumption is a voluntary poisoning. In place of known chains, progressive restaurants are increasingly popular, which are competitive both in terms of speed of prepared dishes, their nutritional value and price. It is worth paying attention to the bars, which openly show in which conditions the dishes are prepared. Customers see raw ingredients. They can also read what sources meat and vegetables come from. Most self-respecting restaurateurs cooperate with Polish farms. The exceptions apply to special meat not available in the country (for example angus beef). Burgers prepared from beef cutlets, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, onions and wholemeal bread rolls are healthy dishes. This does not mean that they belong to low-calorie dishes. It all depends on whether we choose fried or grilled chops and how many sauces will be included in the burger.

A healthy variety of hamburgers

Burger lovers, to stay healthy without giving up their favorite taste, should be interested in preparing the dish at home. There are full dietetic cutlets made of buckwheat, zucchini or boiled cauliflower. The fluffy bun with sesame can be successfully replaced with graham. Instead of using mayonnaise, the sauce should be prepared on the basis of natural yoghurt, olive oil and selected spices. The smallest number of calories will be grilled and baked hamburgers instead of fried ones.

A pizza that does not make you fat

Pizza is not a fattening dish by design. It’s actually a cake with the addition of vegetables and cheese. To reduce the calorific value of an Italian dish, just prepare a pizza dough based on whole-grain flour. The sauce is recommended to be made from fresh tomatoes, while the additives are the responsibility of the cook – the more dietary ingredients it chooses, the lower the calorific value it will get.

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French fries without remorse

Fries fried in 100 grams contain over 350 calories, while baked – only 100 calories. Potatoes should not be too frequent guests on a slimming plate due to the high carbohydrate content. However, there is not much difference between the boiled potatoes and the fried fries.

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