Many times it turned out that high intensity interval training (HIIT) is effective in reducing body fat. Note – not every high intensity workout must be of an interval nature and not every interval training must run in the high intensity zone (80-90% of maximum heart rate).
For example, a moderate trotting march is an interval training in the aerobic zone.


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Faster and slower cycling – also training in the aerobic zone (i.e. moderate intensity). A continuous run with a threshold rate places huge demands on the body, it oscillates around the threshold of anaerobic transformation – and yet the work has an uninterrupted character with a similar level of intensity. If you want to run the most effective interval training, you can not forget that this tool is mainly for advanced people and good aerobic endurance (which is also anaerobic). If you do not run 30-40 minutes in the field effortlessly at a rate of 5 minutes per km (12 km / h) – it is too early for you to do interval training. You need to spend a few weeks building the right condition. If you already place interval exercises in your weekly plan, you can not train more than 5 times a week. 

Possible options for including the HIIT / HIRT session in the training plan 

Remember that more does not mean better, the maximum weekly load should be reached within 6-10 weeks of uninterrupted training! 

Returning to the main topic – in some studies traditional aerobics lasting 40 minutes, 3 times a week did not bring results in reducing body fat. Another study quoted in the article by Charles Poliquin also carries interesting observations. 

17 trained young people took part in the experiment. Two types of training were used 

The experiment was about determining how each type of work affects the energy expenditure during the day (the body burns it during inactivity – REE).
REE was measured before and 22 hours after the end of the training.


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