How to effectively burn body fat? It’s best to combine intense cardio training with the favors of modern knowledge about exercise techniques and modern equipment. Below is a list of dry fat killers – choose the activity for yourself.

  1. Cardio training – treadmill under pressure

A pressurized treadmill belongs to the highly desirable elements of gym equipment. A casing is placed over the traditional running equipment, reaching more or less to the breast of the practicing person. Inside, a special pressure is created, which also improves blood circulation under the skin. As a result, during the movement, fat burning is maximized. Treadmills are very popular with women because they are an effective weapon to fight cellulite.


  1. MMA

Mixed Martial Arts training, which is mixed martial arts, is very demanding. Most often it combines elements of kickboxing, Thai boxing, wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and judo. In addition to perfecting the techniques of blows, instructors usually also introduce exercises focused on strength and mass. That’s why MMA is the perfect combination of intense cardio with good strength training. It requires additional concentration and efficient movement coordination.


  1. CrossFit

CrossFit appeared in Poland a few years ago and during that time he managed to conquer the plans of classes of most gyms in the country. This training allows you to exercise the whole body and burns a huge number of calories. Individual exercises do not focus on one lot of muscles, but at least a few. You can not be bored on CrossFit – the basis of this system is diversity. Trainings are extremely effective and they bring results quickly. However, the level of their difficulty is equally high.


  1. Stepper

Stepper is the best friend of women who fight for a slim butt and slender buttocks. A simple machine takes up little space, so you can easily keep it at home. On the stepper you can also perform the modernization of basic movements. Recently, this equipment has also been appreciated by men who do not want to forget about the day’s legs.


  1. Stationary bicycle

Stationary bike, or hit from the 70s of the last century, has many opponents, but allows you to burn a huge number of calories, so it should not be put to rest. The basic version of a stationary bicycle costs only PLN 200. You can put it in front of the TV in the apartment and pedaling, instead of resting idly on the couch. This machine is an excellent method for losing weight for people who do not like training.


  1. Tabata

Tabata training came to Europe from Japan. It was created by a scientist cooperating with athletes performing at olympics. It’s about doing the largest number of very intense exercises involving the whole body in 20 seconds and then resting for another 10 seconds. Tabata can last from 4 to 50 minutes.


  1. Aqua aerobics

Aqua aerobics is an alternative to swimming. It carves all parts and quickly burns fat due to the resistance that water produces. The effects bring sessions lasting from 30 minutes. Most swimming pools have in its offer aqua aerobics classes. This activity is recommended especially for people who are afraid of hanging skin after losing unnecessary kilograms. It has a good effect on the firmness and elasticity of the skin.


  1. TBC

The abbreviation TBC stands for Total Body Conditioning, that is, whole body conditioning. It is a combination of aerobics and strength exercises. Usually, he trains to the rhythm of music. TBC uses in its video recordings, among others, popular American trainer Jillian Michaels.


  1. HIIT

HIIT is from English High Intensity Interval Training, or high intensity interval training. Studies have shown that it burns three times more calories than the classic interval. Because it consumes a lot of energy in a short time, the session does not have to last more than 25 minutes. It brings results after only two weeks (at the frequency of three trainings for seven days).


  1. Zumba

Zumba is still a relatively new novelty – its popularization over the Vistula River took place in 2013. It is a fitness dance. During the classes, exercises typical for aerobics are combined with neat combinations made to music. Zumba burns a similar number of calories as running.

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