Make your own protein bar. It will always be a great alternative to a meal or when you will not be able to eat a ready-made protein bar. With this recipe you will learn not only how to make your own snack – but you will also see how simple it is!


  1. What are the protein bars for?

Protein bars are a great solution for people exercising at the gym who want to give up sweet pleasures or do not know how to replace sweets in the diet.

First of all, they are the source of all necessary for the preservation and development of muscular structures of macronutrients. They contain large amounts of protein, and the presence of carbohydrates and small amounts of fat is also important. In addition, a small amount or the absence of harmful sweeteners allows you to not lose your previous achievements thanks to the diet.

Secondly, you can easily get them thanks to the general availability and because their price encourages you to buy. Therefore, you can easily obtain a small size product that will work in an emergency situation. Protein bars are more and more often found in most stores, not only in sports outlets.

Thirdly, they will work well as a healthy snack, which will not cause any remorse. What’s more, thanks to the small and pocket size, you can take them anywhere – from the gym, ending with a social gathering with your friends!

Fourthly, protein bars are suitable as a tasty snack in a slimming diet and a substitute for not-quite-healthy sweets. Protein bars are a good source of numerous nutrients. In addition, they have one more advantage – they perfectly relieve hunger and prevent its quick recurrence, causing a feeling of fullness. So they help in slimming, and the reduction diet becomes more effective and tastier. From now on, your overweight battle will have a sweet taste.


  1. Protein bars – can they be made by yourself?

Yes of course! It is enough to have only a tasty and ready recipe, as well as minimal culinary skills. Diet is only a word, the most important thing is to develop your own way of eating healthy. Thanks to it, you will protect your health and help in the development of muscles undergoing systematic training.


  1. Homemade protein bars recipe

Essential ingredients

– instant oatmeal 60 g,

– oatmeal, coconut or almond flour (you can eat it without baking),

– raisins

– nuts (here, peanut, Brazilian, almond, cashew, Italian)

– cow’s milk, coconut milk or soy milk,

– 4 scoops of protein supplement (choose a chocolate flavor).

The way of preparation

To soften and better form ingredients in the shape of a bar you can pour boiling instant oatmeal. The protein nutrient measures should be mixed with the selected milk (adding to the mixture the right amount of flour), raisins and nuts, as well as ready-made softened and de-seasoned with excess water with instant flakes.

The whole should be mixed thoroughly until a dense consistency is obtained. Then you go into forming from a mass of bars. You should do it carefully so that the meal is not only healthy, but also looks nice.

Ready and formed protein bars should be put in the freezer for about 30 minutes to give them a final form. After this time, remove them. The dish is ready.

Bon Appetit!

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