Honey has long been a well-known therapeutic-strengthening, antibacterial substance. I am writing to you an article based on the information from the beekeeper – developed according to beekeeping and medical literature. I think it will be useful to read. 


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HONEY FLOOD – in a liquid state yellow or greenish-yellow. After crystallization, it has a yellow-orange or brown color. Honey with a distinct linden smell, sharp in taste and slightly bitter 

MEDICINAL USE – antiseptic and calming effect, antipyretic and antitussive. Used in colds, in states of anxiety, insomnia. 

BUCKY HONEY – in a liquid state, dark brown to brown. After crystallization-brown. Honey with a strong scent of the buckwheat flower, a sharp, slightly burning flavor. 

MEDICINAL USE – upper respiratory tract infection, cardiovascular disease on the atherosclerotic background and hypertension. It contains magnesium, recommended in states of nervous exhaustion. Helpful in pleurisy and glaucoma treatment. 

RAPE HONEY – in the liquid state straw color, after white or cream crystallization. The taste is very sweet, the smell of a blossoming rape. Honey with the highest amount of glucose and amino acids. 

MEDICINAL USE – in heart diseases, inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, liver. 

HALF BEING – in a liquid state gray, greenish. Taste slightly resinous. Clumps form after crystallization. 

MEDICINAL USE – is the most abundant in bioelements, dextrins and a lot of protein. Used for anemia, metabolic disorders. Healing successfully upper respiratory tract. It has anticancer properties, helpful in asthma and kidney stones. 

MULTIPLICITY HONEY – in a liquid state yellow, after crystallization – light brown. Mild with a waxy fragrance. It can also have different colors and taste depending on the “flower”. 

MEDICINAL USE – Chronic inflammation of the throat, colds and febrile states, heart disease, regulation of myocardial pressure, allergies, hay fever, and general psoriasis. 

WILD HONEY – in a liquid state dark brown color. After crystallizing orange. Taste slightly bitter, jelly-like, smell of heather flowers. 

MEDICINAL USE – diseases of the urinary tract, kidney stones, prostate, intestinal inflammation, diarrhea. 

HEALTH CONSUMPTION OF HONEY – dissolve 1 tablespoon of honey in ½ glass of water and leave for 10-12 hours – it increases the digestibility. 

(A honey drink is prepared in the evening and eaten in the morning before a meal) 

CONTRAINDICATIONS – hypersensitivity and intolerance on the part of the digestive tract, diabetes. 

Honey is recommended for people who can not do without sweets – 1 tablespoon of honey and the desire for worthless sweets passes as the hand took away for the benefit of the interested person. 


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