Every time you swallow a bite of a sandwich or drink your favorite cocktail, your body does the hard work to process the nutrients that you ate. Then the food is digested, and the nutrients become the fuel needed for the proper functioning of your body. Your body takes energy from food through a process called metabolism.

What is metabolism?

Metabolism – is a collection of chemical reactions taking place in the cells of the body. Metabolism transforms fuel from food that we eat into energy needed to live.

Sometimes, however, our metabolism slows down and we start to go back. Below are tips on how you can effectively increase your metabolism.


  1. Above all, stick to a reasonable diet. The body needs protein, fat and carbohydrates. Do not skip any of these groups, because it can destroy the metabolic pathways.
  2. Add spicy spices to your meals. Their “prometabolic” effects have been scientifically proven.
  3. Remember about fiber!
  4. Minimize the intake of sweeteners.
  5. Know that coffee and cigarettes do not really increase metabolism. They can even disrupt it!
  6. Limit alcohol or quit it altogether. It not only causes a greater hunger and deprives you of restrictions, but also has a negative effect on the metabolism.
  7. Perform aerobic exercises, such as running, walking, swimming or cycling, at least 45 minutes a day. Strength exercises also help.
  8. Remember to always eat breakfast. Otherwise, the body can go into “hunger” mode and start saving “for later”.
  9. Drink green tea. Increases metabolism, has a stimulating, anti-aging, anti-cancer, cleansing, etc.
  10. You can also help the body gain metabolic peaks by eating the right products. Apple, celery, spinach, coconut, cinnamon, broccoli, meat, fish, poultry, oatmeal and olive oil have special properties.

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