A holiday vacation is a time when we want to reset ourselves first of all.We let go of the rigorous diet, forget about the duties at work and set ourselves on a blissful chillout.The problem is that after returning from leisure, sobriety comes (literally and figuratively), and the silhouette changes in the blink of an eye.How do you keep your form on holiday and not miss your training over many months?Here are 9 tips that will allow you to enjoy the perfect figure throughout the holidays.

  1. Plan meals

Being in a new place there is a huge temptation to try all the local delights.Nothing strange, because food is a very important part of cultural heritage and trying local dishes is one of the forms of learning about a given culture.The most common mistake, however, is to try all dishes at once, so that you do not miss anything.As a result, you will absorb much more calories than normal.

How to remedy this?Above all, plan your meals so that you can get to know new products all days of your stay.You do not have to cost them all at once and pressing them into yourself will take away a lot of pleasure.We know it easier to speak than to implement it.At the time of ordering, we are usually very hungry and we think that we will eat a whole lot of specialties.After time, however, it turns out that after the first meal we are satisfied.And what about the next?

  1. Choose small portions

The next point is the complement of the first one.In order not to overeat during the holiday trip, choose the smallest possible portions.Yes, sometimes they will not be the best price, but it is better to order an extra snack or dessert or leave a dish left over.A similar rule is worth introducing when you have access to all-inclusive food.Then the temptation to apply a large portion of food is very large.All the more so because it is difficult to estimate the caloricity and satiety of all these delicacies accumulating on trays and dishes.Solution?Add small portions and limit the number of dishes to a few.If you continue to feel hungry, you can always come after it.It’s much simpler and greener than leaving food on your plate.

  1. Irrigate yourself

Visiting cities, spending hours in the sun, partying until dawn – all this makes it very easy to dehydrate.Add to this stress and tiring caused by travel, and good health can not be said.The first symptoms of dehydration are loss of strength, weakness of immunity, headache, dry mouth and change of urine color to intensely yellow.Long-term dehydration can even lead to death, so consuming an optimal dose of fluids is a must.

Hydration is also necessary to maintain a perfect figure.It will prevent the deposition of fatty tissue, deposition of water in the body and support thermoregulation of the body.During the holiday season, when we lose a lot of water along with sweat and breath, it is worth drinking even above the popular two liters of water a day.Importantly, the source of water does not have to be only mineral water.You can take care of hydration also thanks to, for example, tea, soup, isotonic drinks or infusions of herbs.

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  1. Do not give up training

We are perfectly aware that during the holidays it is difficult to motivate you to exercise.The limited time is definitely not conducive to the search for a gym and conducting regular workouts that you run regularly.This does not mean, however, that one should completely give up the exercises.Instead of full strength training, do a few rounds of tabata.You can also take resistance rubbers or trx straps with you, which will take up practically no space in your luggage, and you will carry out perfect training with them.And in a hotel room!

A great way to go on holiday is also a morning walk around the city.Running since the dawn will not only allow you to use the best time for training (when it is still chilly), but also to get to know the most interesting corners of the city, which you will not always see while walking.In addition, such a morning training session will wake you up and give you positive energy for the day.The hardest thing to break and emerge from bedding in the morning.

  1. Choose muscle strength

How to increase the energy expenditure that will balance the pool of calories accepted with eaten delicacies?Choose the strength of your own muscles!Instead of commuting everywhere by tram, metro or bus, take a long walk.This is an additional opportunity to get to know new places.Instead of an elevator, choose a staircase.If you have the option, rent bikes and use them to venture outside the city or to the neighboring town.Scooters are also becoming more and more popular, which you can easily hide into a car trunk or in case of rain, you will transport in public transport.All these methods will allow you a large dose of physical activity that will not let your form disappear.

  1. Watch out for alcohol

We are aware of the fact that alcohol can be a significant part of holiday recreation.However, it is not about completely giving up all pleasures, but about keeping moderation.You must remember that alcohol contains a lot of calories and it is easy to exceed the daily caloric demand just because of the drinks consumed.In addition, alcohol promotes dehydration and puts a lot of pressure on the body, which can lead to the loss of a well-developed figure.If you do not want to say goodbye to the form that has been forged through many hard workouts, limit alcohol to a minimum.If you reach for it, choose the clean and low percentage.Sweet drinks and high-quality, colorful alcohols cause much stronger noise in the head.

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  1. Eat lightly

Many regional dishes are very delicious, but not necessarily healthy.The best example is Polish cuisine, which is not easily digestible or low-calorie.When choosing a vacation, do not forget to eat light meals based on vegetables.They contain a large portion of fiber, which will allow you to feel light and prevent troublesome constipation.Vacation is unfortunately one of those periods in which it is very easy to dissolve your metabolism.Returns to everyday routine can be difficult.



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