The decision to start losing weight is related not only to the dream of an attractive figure, but also to care for one’s own health.Very often, switching to a reduction diet is accompanied by changes in other habits, such as quitting smoking.People who care about a slim figure sometimes are afraid that giving up cigarettes will lead to weight gain.Are these fears right and can you prevent weight gain while quitting smoking?

Smoking and body weight

Unfortunately, fear of weight gain is not unfounded, because four out of five people giving up on cigarettes gains weight.There are two reasons for this problem.First of all, the cigarette often replaces the snack.People used to smoking replace this activity with food, reaching for example for sweets or crisps.In this situation, the increase in weight is only a matter of time.The second reason for weight gain is the fact that nicotine has some effect on metabolism.According to the researchers, a person who smokes one pack of cigarettes a day burns 250 calories more than a man who does not smoke at all.


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Throw or not?

The information presented above should not encourage you to quit smoking.Cigarettes make it easier to keep a slim figure, but are not an ally of an attractive appearance.They affect negatively the condition of the skin and cause discoloration on the teeth, which certainly does not add beauty.However, the bigger problem is the impact of smoking on health.Cigarettes contain many toxic substances and free radicals.Smokers are more likely to suffer from many diseases, including lung cancer.What’s more, passive smokers are also at risk – people who are in a smoking environment.

How to quit smoking and not gain weight?

The fact that four to five people give up smoking means that it is possible to avoid weight gain.It is important to be well prepared to fight the addiction.First of all, it is necessary to quench nicotine craving and seize hands.To do this, prepare yourself water, low-calorie snacks and chewing gums.Low-calorie snacks may be pieces of vegetables, for example carrots or cucumbers.It’s best to remove all sweets and other caloric snacks from home.Hands can be dealt with different things, but different anti-stress toys work best.At the same time, you should work on the organization of time so that you can always be busy as much as possible.Thanks to this, it’s easier to forget about nicotine hunger.In the case of weakening metabolism, you can reach for supplements that support metabolism, which have a similar effect to cigarettes, but in contrast, they do not threaten health.

In conclusion, quitting smoking increases the risk of gaining weight, but it does not always have to be associated with it.Much depends on proper preparation for the fight against addiction and strong will.It is therefore worth giving up cigarettes, which pose a serious threat to smokers, as well as to their relatives who become passive smokers against their will.


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