Do you know this feeling when, just after the holidays, you notice in the mirror that your face has become more round, and the button in the trousers is getting more and more difficult?This is the culmination of the Christmas kitchen, which, although very tasty, is extremely calorific.We will suggest today how not to put on weight in Christmas, and at the same time enjoy the taste of delicious Polish dishes.Apply our tips, and the extraordinary weight gain will not give you a headache.

Prepare small portions

The basic problem that leads to gaining weight in Christmas is simply eating too many dishes.It is difficult to refuse to try each of the delicacies, and tasting twelve dishes is even a duty.As it turns out, however, the number of dishes is not a problem, but in their volume.We often prepare too large portions, which it is not right to cut or leave afterwards.Most often they look exactly like we do it on a daily basis are thick slices of meat, whole sausage sticks or large pieces of cake.After eating a few of these pieces, it’s hard to put something in your stomach, refuses to obey, and the rest of the delicacies are just waiting to land on your plate.Prepare smaller portions, and everyone will be able to taste the dishes without compromising on health.

Put everything you want to eat on the plate

Do you know how many meals you eat during holidays?It is difficult to count all the dishes that we ate during the Christmas dinner.It’s the fault that we eat them one by one, adding more dishes to the plate every now and then.With a large plate in front of us, we put a lot of portions, as if not remembering that we had eaten exactly the same before.A much better idea is to put everything on the plate that you intend to eat.It will quickly turn out that, despite the application of minimum doses of food, the plate will fill tightly to the brim.

Limit calorie meals

In former times, solemn dinners were one of the few occasions to consume caloric, hearty dishes, serving strength and preparing for a cold winter.Most of the fatty and meat dishes were a rarity unavailable every day.These days, however, it is not a shortage of calories, and its excess is a problem.Fortunately, you can easily limit it.It is enough to replace the most caloric dishes and ingredients with healthier and less fattening ones.Bake meat in the oven, instead of frying it with lard, add a small amount of light mayonnaise or natural yogurt to the salad, and replace the sugar in desserts with xylitol or erythritol.Look also for diet recipes for festive delights that in no way give way to the fattening.

Birch sugar (Xylitol)

Eat slowly

The trap of Christmas dinners is fast food.Our brain is structured in such a way that before the hormonal system informs the center of hunger in the hypothalamus that we are saturated, it must pass a dozen or even several dozen minutes.During this time, we will be able to eat much more than we need.It is assumed that the feeling of overeating occurs already when we consume more than one liter of food.As it is not difficult to guess, during the holidays we absorb much more.To avoid feeling overcrowded and heavy, eat slowly, enjoying every bite.Thanks to this feeling of satiety will appear before you manage to eat and eat a much smaller amount of food.

Remember about physical activity

Physical activity at Christmas?Of course!Since we accept large amounts of calories, it is worth to burn at least some of them.However, you do not have to go to the gym or give up your relatives.Suggest a walk, a trip to the forest, dancing or other winter physical activity.Thanks to this you will not only burn calories and prevent weight gain, but also spend a great time with your family.The worst thing you can do is put the whole Christmas on the couch.It does not contribute to rest, on the contrary, it only deepens the Christmas glare.Active recreation is much more effective.

Support digestion

Are you feeling heavy during Christmas and your belly is like a big balloon?It is a sign that it’s worth to help digestion. You can use both digestive aids and take advantage of the power of home-made medicines, such as chamomile infusion, ginger water or mint tea.Also remember to consume a large amount of water that is necessary for proper digestion.It is also a good idea to add to the dishes (eg salads) a bit of apple vinegar, which limits the absorption of caloric fat.

Give up sweet drinks

Calorie bombs are not only delicious dishes.It’s also sweet drinks that provide huge amounts of calories.Popular sweet fizzy drinks can deliver up to 400 kcal in just one liter of liquid.Multiply this by the number of packages of drinks prepared for Christmas, and you will get a huge number.As it is not difficult to guess, these are so-calledempty calories that do not provide any valuable nutrients to the body except fattening carbohydrates.So what to replace sweet drinks?Unfortunately, juices (even natural ones) also contain a large amount of sugar.The solution is simple select mineral water.It is the best and healthiest drink.

Choose dishes rich in protein

Of the three energy sources, the protein in many respects dominates over carbohydrates and fat.It is much more stable absorbed than carbohydrates (even complex ones) and much less calorific than fat (4 kcal in 1 g of the product, not 9 kcal).In addition, the protein ensures satiety for a long time and increases thermogenesis accelerating metabolism.If you do not want to eat too much and put on weight, first select dishes containing a large amount of protein.

Prepare healthy snacks

An indispensable element of Christmas is to eat delicious food with your relatives.No holy book, however, says that it must be sweets.Chocolates, cookies, jellies – most of these sweets are simply tons of sugar and fat closed in a beautiful form.The conversion of processed sweets into healthier snacks does not necessarily mean huge sacrifices.Instead of sweetness, put on fresh fruit, nuts or dried fruits;change the milk chocolate plate into a few cubes of dark chocolate;baked products with a lot of sugar and fat are replaced with healthy cakes based on vegetables and low-calorie sugar substitutes (eg bean brownies, pumpkin pie, tomato gingerbread or carrot cake).

Treat yourself with understanding

In people who eat healthily, who conduct a meticulous diet, a festive deviation can lead to feelings of guilt and even depression.Most often it ends with a total loss of brakes and compulsive overeating to improve your mood.However, this is a road to nowhere.A much healthier solution is to allow yourself a slight stretch of rules, which, however, will continue to apply in some way to us.Christmas is a time in which it is worth to afford pleasure, and trying Christmas delicacies is an important part of tradition.Instead of blaming yourself for weak will and bitterness, choose small portions, low-calorie alternatives and use the rest of our advice that will allow you to enjoy the magic of Christmas without the risk of drastically gaining weight.Do not worry about minor hesitations, you’ll burn it after Christmas in the blink of an eye.


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