The following text lists the six most important criteria that must be met in order to achieve total success in bodybuilding. The order is accidental – do not suggest, therefore, that the training is placed in the 5th position. Here they are

1. Genetic predisposition

Maybe not the most important condition, but unfortunately giving different opportunities. There are those who grow up after bread with butter, others do not even help with a “label”. This can not be done. As long as the workouts are for entertainment and health, you can forget about it, but when there is competition, a man without good “genetics” has a weak chance. Even if he does everything 100 times better than his friend with naturally wide shoulders and a narrow waist. If, then, the goal of life will be put Mr. Olimpia, the chances are only people with outstanding genetics, I’m sorry, that’s the truth.

2. The right diet

If we reject the predisposition to bodybuilding aside, adherence to the diet regime is 80% success. It seems to me that it is poorly adherence to the diet among the “novice adepts of iron sport”. While most of them try to be in the gym, these mines. 3 times and get really tired, the diet is fragile. Why? I think that first of all our cultural culinary customs (fatty meat, dumplings, fatty milk, bread, etc.), the difficulty of acquiring “healthy” food, to prepare at home and ready in restaurants and relatively expensive food. Add to this NUCH EDUCATION related to nutrition. A diet can not be used 3 times a week, just like gym visits, diet should be inscribed in the style of our lives. Probably many of you will not agree, saying the most important is training with weights. If it were true,it would be enough to wave weight, eat lard (because it’s calorific) and grow … Growing, but at the waist.

3. Supplementation

Supplementation is NECESSARY, but only from a certain level. Why start a bucket of creatine, whey, BCAA and glutamine. For the first 6 months of decent training and diet, he will achieve results that amaze the whole environment. It is a pity money, it is better to spend it on healthy food. Of course, after a while, the body will be asking for boosters, it is impossible to get large amounts of protein from normal food without unnecessary fat ballast.

Creatine will give extra strength, Xenadrine or other fat-burner will be useful when working on the sculpture, glutamine will help regenerate and AcetabolanII will provide the right amount of vitamin C and naturally raise testosterone levels. But such supplementation makes sense for “intermediate”. On the other hand, replacing a normal diet with supplements is pointless – unhealthy and very expensive.

4. Supporting anabolic steroids

More than a dozen years ago, medicine denied that anabolic steroids have any relevance to sports results (there were such studies in the 1980s and 1990s). Today no one has any doubts that anabolic steroids, despite the fact that they ruin an athlete’s health, are the means that give results. If you want to take steroids safely, ask for a doctor’s help. by doing it on your own, you risk a lot. The level of knowledge about “coke” is very disturbing. The young adept begins with the tag and omena, when they are 2 very strong means, giving relatively many side effects. Why not Testosterone, Deca, Primobolan, Winstrol? Why do people plan a cycle without Nolvadex and Clomid? Why coke if you do not eat huge amounts of carbohydrates and protein at this time. How many of us have planned a cycle,bought the right steroids and a few buckets of gainer and protein? If only we knew more …

5. Training

Training is necessary in bodybuilding. There is no bodybuilding without training. But on the other hand, I would not say it is the most important. Training is to “tell” the body that it is about to develop.

6. Patience

I added this point after reading the whole letter and thought that success in bodybuilding would be patience. They will not start taking steroids after 2 weeks of exercise, they will not care if the increments are not as promised by the manufacturer of the wipes. They will live persistently to the goal, because they know that muscle gains are a long-term process.

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