You regularly do training and suddenly you find that they take too much time for you. However, let’s face it – are the trainings taking so much time or are you a master in his waste? If you notice that after taking just one or two exercises an hour passes, it is worth taking a look at your habits and what is really spent such valuable time.

We live in a hurry, we have a lot of responsibilities. Time is at a premium, so let’s learn to not waste it. You say you do not do it, but you’d be surprised how much time they take to talk, check social networks, etc. Of course, time spent in training can also be a time to catch up, but let’s not say that this training takes so long.

Most of us practice to achieve a goal, whether it is a figure or strength. When something is not going we tend to blame our training plan, bad diet, generally we are looking for the guilty, not taking into account that we ourselves take the chance to achieve the goal. Training requires concentration and commitment, and just being at the gym is not enough.

Below are some of the most common ways to waste time at the gym.

Training without a phone

Most will not like this advice, but the phone is one of the reasons for wasting time wherever we are. Is the training so boring that we really need to check every now and then, did not a notification appear, a message, did not someone upload a new photo or add a comment under our post? Is it impossible to do a workout without every time you check in at the gym and upload photos from the exercises you do? Do you need to have conversations with friends during training? It can all wait. The fewer distractions, the faster and the better we will do the training, and the phone left for an hour at home or in the car certainly will not suffer. Breaking away from the phone can be a really great form of relaxation.
Leave your ego at home

What is usually lacking in the gym is the human ego. Some try to outdo weightlifting, others show off muscles, novices try to train like veterans. Here at the gym there is a real fight for dominance and at that time you could focus on the quality of your training. It is therefore worth leaving your ego at home, then the quality of our training will increase and the effects will appear faster.

Relax at the gym

Training is to be a pleasure and a time of relaxation for the head, a break from work and everyday duties. The question remains whether this relaxation is not about 10 minute breaks between series and watching a TV or just a wall. Certainly we do not need such long breaks, and we can watch TV at home. Discipline during training is quite a desirable thing. Of course, the length of the break depends on the form of training and purpose, but let’s not go overboard.

As you can see a lot of “distractions” and factors that unnecessarily extend the time of our training. All it takes is a bit of goodwill and organization, and everything will go more efficiently and certainly with more benefit to our effects.

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