Abdominal muscle training does not have to be done only in the gym. Practice whenever you have the opportunity. Maybe you do not always have a heavy bar for chest or biceps exercise at hand, but you can train your stomach everywhere and always! Just want to be able to! 

The calves have always been one of the most neglected muscle groups, right after the forearms. Although recently in the world of professionals reach sizes comparable even with thighs, most people train them at the end. When something happens in the way of the last point of the program – neglect – they are obvious. 


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Now you can often see in the Olympia arena calves bulging like barrels – well, maybe exaggeration, like pineapples. Therefore, it is not professionals who need the following advice the most. It is not them who, after reading this article, will call “Eureka!” With a few exceptions, most of the top players have long worked out their perfect figure and want to get grotesque shapes to madness. And which part of the body is the height of the grotesque? Of course, calves! 

So what should the calf bodybuilder be like? 

It depends to a large extent on genetic conditions and muscle response to stimulation. A visually good calf muscle is one that looks like a growth under the skin. Of course, other muscles may also look similar, but no one else makes everyone break away from the machines and pop their eyes. No other group of muscles produces so many dreamy sighs. Not so many attacks of envy among rivals. Let’s face it. If someone accused you of the calf implantation, you would feel very much appreciated! 

I know one professional whose favorite activity is complaining about dishonest rivals. He claims that his competitors undergo calf implantation. He has calves as he looks, good results, but he has never reached the height of the grotesque. Many people say that you do not need special treatments to have good calves, because symmetry counts, but the amazing shape and size is an additional advantage. And excessively developed calves have never disturbed symmetry. They are too far away from the rest of the body. 

Wonderful calves can have a variety of shapes and sizes, and you have to largely reconcile with the fate of the geneticist, determining their shape and position on the bones. Just look at Aaron Baker, and then look closely at Dorian Yates, both of them have very different calves, differently unique. At Baker’s, the busts look like “mountains and valleys. Yates, on the other hand, has longitudinal and so full calves that he suspects that he has put pineapples under his skin. Most of these differences depend on factors that are completely out of control. However, many other elements can be used in calf training. 

The main factor that can be controlled is the perimeter. Calf thickness depends on the type and intensity of training. But there is a snag. In some people, the calves grow better due to the rare and the more intense, while in others – if we exercise more often and less intensively. Still others train them almost every day, all the time with high frequency. Imagine only! One thing is certain calves certainly will not grow without training. You’ll have trial and error training before you find the right way, but you’ll be much better off if you devote a lot of attention to these muscles and set the right priorities. The best advice I can use is to calf exercise first. Since they have not grown like the rest of the body, it means that something is wrong and the reasons should be sought out in laziness or inappropriate priorities. 

Calf exercises are to be the most important part of training! It’s all pretty simple – calves first! When you go to the gym, regardless of whether you sacrifice this workout chest or arms – first exercise your calves. You can believe me, it will not endanger your chest exercises, because you came to the gym to practice and you will not give up. You know that without powerful chest muscles you will not take a good place in the competition. So start thinking similarly about calf training, and soon you will find that the muscles of the lower legs will be no less full than the chest. Take into account that in the course of the competition, bad calves will not escape the jurors’ eye. It’s enough for a player who has taken care of this part of the body, and your imperfection will be striking. 

The next key rule. helpful in overcoming stagnation, there is a trial and error method. It can be simply a harder job or resistance to horrible burning. It is the result of lactic acid secretion, which usually accompanies normal calf exercises. Finally, accept that nothing comes without pain. Proper calf training requires only a little tolerance to pain. Because the calf muscles of the calves are thick and deep, they need extra stimulation. If you do not go for it – you will not achieve anything. Just keep your achievements up to date, you do not cause any increment. 

You can also look for the right intensity of training. If you are practicing calves only twice a week, in the belief that they will react, although they have not been willing to do so, it is time to rethink the problem again. The intensity can be increased by additional weight and number of repetitions, or by reducing the rest between sets. Low intensity is indicated in other exercises that indirectly involve the calf muscles, for example in aerobic training, but there is no place for it in the mass exercise program. Maybe it does not work in relation to other muscle groups, but this is the specificity of the calf muscles. 

I think that another critical factor affecting the construction of the calves is the angle at which the muscles work in a given exercise. If the only exercise you do on the calves is to sit on your fingers – you have little chance of development. You do not stimulate your muscles enough to gain weight because you only focus on the muscle. Sit on the fingers while sitting this exercise with the most limited range of action. The movement itself is effective, but it is not enough for the entire exercise program. It is worth to join the climbs on your fingers standing and donkey climbing. In this combination, you act on the largest possible area of ​​muscles. The seated version engages the whole muscle, but only to a certain point, just like training on a flat bench stimulates most of the chest, but not the whole. The most effective is in combination with the other two exercises. Strength donkeys are like exercising on a slanting bench. The angle at which you are doing the exercise changes completely and you can involve the lower part of the gastrocnemius muscle. Leaning forward, backwards, flexing legs, blocking them in the knees, we can develop muscles in a very versatile way. 

You also need to change the position of the feet. All three exercises can be done with the feet turned inwards, outwards or straight. Changing the foot position is relatively easy in standing position, because the weight of the body then rests on the shoulders. I always advise bodybuilders to try and “set foot inside the foot. It depends on the fact that the fingers are directed inwards, and we modify the position of the ankle and the entire foot. These new accents will help you train every inch of the calf and manage the development intelligently, that is to connect the thought – muscle. Contact thought – muscle is one of the very important growth factors and not only. It creates the potential for growth. The calves are part of the body with which it is perhaps the most difficult to establish such contact. The goal can be difficult, but it is achievable with a little practice and commitment. The more you exercise while maintaining mind-to-mouse contact, the better you will achieve results. If your calves do not respond sufficiently, the reason may be a lack of mental concentration. 

Finally, in a nutshell, I will present the six factors mentioned above that favor the development of the calves 


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