I was prompted to write this subject by reflexion, which occurred after over a dozen years of practice … 

Years of exercise, many of which you could train in a much more effective way than I did. More effective if I had my knowledge today, which I did not have then … Perhaps what I say to you – and the words I mainly address to hardgainers – will help you avoid my own mistakes from the past. 


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When I started practicing, the Internet could only be dreamed, and access to sensible bodybuilding magazines was limited to “Muscle & Fitness containing tips and training programs of guests who were banging” vitamins much more effective than those available in stores. There were very few gyms, the nutrient market was poor, and Linford Christie had only just tested the creatine on herself, winning – probably not only because of her – the final of the meter at the Olympic Games in Barcelona. In a word, the access to bodybuilding knowledge for an ordinary mortal was fragile. 

I started to exercise at the age of 16, weighing 44 kg. I was still growing up, but it was worse than catching up with catching the mass. Ultimately, over the years, I finally added 36 kg of muscle, but most of the time it was a real way through the torment. If you also find it difficult to catch mass and workouts, after which you can not see the effects, give birth to your frustration, here are a few ways to break the stagnation and move forward. I present these methods on the basis of my experience. There is a mass on the forum of the sky better than me professionals in the field of training methodology, but I think that my tips will be useful to you. After all, you can not tell me that I do not know what it’s like to be a hardgainer … 



1. A large number and length of training is … the enemy of mass! 

At the beginning of the adventures with the barbell, I was able to practice up to 2.5-3 hours at a time (what a determination!). The result was increased strength and the silhouette of a Kenyan long-distance runner. Forget about a long-term sitting in the gym, chats with your friends, etc. If you want to do it, go to the pub better, because you waste time. If you want to build your muscles, I recommend 3 INTENSIVE workouts a week, which time will oscillate around 45-55 minutes (after 45 minutes the growth hormone is the most secretly released, then this process disappears). More is not always better! 



2. The most effective exercises have long been invented. 

Do not follow every newspaper in the newspaper “an innovative training method (which happened to me). Most of the most effective exercises have long been invented, and today’s authors simply have to invent new things to collect “poems” for something. You want to build a lot, do not play in the exercises that isolate muscles and play on the lifts. It is recommended for you to engage the most muscle groups and usually rely on free weights pull-up on the stick, bench press, squats, dead strings. They perfectly stimulate ALL the body to grow and you will make the biggest mass on them. Forget about the separate training devoted to the biceps or triceps. Do you want to develop biceps? Exercise your back (he will get a portion of his effort). Triceps? He, in turn, will get a boost with a narrow bench press. Of course, a few series of these muscles will be useful, but as a complement to training, not as a basis. Basic exercises, 8-12 repetitions in a series, this is something for you. Of course, the right technique is the key. It does not matter how much you lift, but how much impulse reaches your muscles, and you do not need chaotically torn huge loads. 



3. No suple will replace the diet. 

Please, do not tell me that you eat a lot of food, and you still do not grow. I used to say that one day, yes, maybe it would be true that you eat a lot, but if it does not work, you have to eat MORE. If someone has $ 100,000 and wants to buy a car, you can say that he has a lot of money. However, if you intend to buy the latest Ferrari, it is, however, NOT ALL. Similarly with the hadrgainer, he must eat more than much. If you are not able to eat a decent breakfast immediately after waking up, and then LEAST a further 4 meals, then forget about decent increments. I was able to slip 3 big portions of meat during the day … that was the result. It’s about a lot and REGULAR. You will not be helped by any gainer, no protein if you eat too much. Sometimes just eating 1000 kcal more than your daily demand will give an effect. Let the protein, or gainer, be a supplement to the meal plan, not a lifeline where you put all your hope. It’s sad, but the real thing depends on whether the training will bring results or will be wasted. Do not try to eat like a monster right away, add more meals gradually, the body will get used to them and you will not have to put on the strength. 


4. Assume that you eat as much as you need and implement a good workout plan, and the effects are not there. What could be the reason? 

Most often fatigue. I do not recommend several months of mass making, or long-lasting, monotonous workouts. Do not be greedy. From time to time, you need to give your body a rest. I found a way to do it using six-week training plans, followed by a week of total break. The body really appreciates it. The increase in muscle depends not only on training and diet, but also on the efficiency of nerve impulses in the body, and LONG-TERM, intensive training effectively weakens them. In addition to the weekly break, I also apply every time modifications to the new training plan. It serves me. Look for your own way, but remember that there is always room for regeneration and – let’s say it directly – lighter workouts, used cyclically. 



5. Creatine sensationally breaks STAGNATION. 

Yes, stagnation. I remember that in my time, after a few years of practice, I worked out a “gigantic 60kg, and in no way could I break through this weight. This was the only time in my gym adventure when I was thinking about using steroids. Fortunately, I fought temptation, and in my hands came the most ordinary creatine monohydrate (probably in the amount of 200g Hi-Tec production) in capsules packed in a little-effective milky, foil pouch. I hit him using the saturation phase, I reduced my intake of alcohol and coffee to 0 within 5 weeks and watched better than usual food. One morning, just after waking up, I noticed that my arm was thicker. And it was not an illusion. During this cycle I caught 6 kg, of which I kept 4.5 kg for good. The surprise of this surprise are small stretch marks on the shoulders. What am I seeking by recalling this remembrance? Well, do not start the exercises from stuffing with wonderful supplements. Work out the form first, get used to the joints and ligaments to the loads, work out the technique and only when you reach the optimal form, use the creatine for the first time. She works best the first time and will take you to the next level without any problem. The question of your choice be, do you want to get this kick at the very beginning of the exercise, when your muscles respond relatively well to training, or when you can not in any way inflate the optimal form. I read reviews that it is not worth using older supplements and gradually go for the better, because it is a waste of time, since there are so cool and modern things on the market. I do not agree with this. These “old things work perfectly, are tested in terms of health and are cheap. I do not see the point of throwing straight at the creatine stacks or no-boosters. Use gradually better and better supli, so that the body reacts to them in each case (according to the principle of applying stronger and stronger stimuli). If you start with the best, then the older ones will not impress him. 


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