Gym trainers make mistakes during shoulder muscle exercises. They are often caused by ignorance and the conviction that each exercise will give the same effect. To make your arms as big as ever, you have to get rid of basic mistakes during training. The following article provides tips on how to do it!


Biceps and triceps training – introduction

This article will discuss the basic mistakes made during training of biceps and triceps. If you want to have big arms, you need to know that when exercising on these muscle parts (considered minor, secondary) the technique of exercise is important, not the weight. Training the shoulder muscles of a standard gym visitor who does not reflect on the correctness of the exercise is repetitive. This means that he performs the same exercises every week, trying to lift as much weight as possible. This is a mistake of course! Read the following text and learn the basic irregularities in the exercise and solutions to build powerful arms.


Do strength exercises at the beginning of the workout!

Which exercise will be the best solution as the first for a given muscle group? At the beginning of the training, the muscles have the most strength – use it! Do strength exercises at the beginning of your training when the energy level is highest.

What are the best strength exercises for these muscle parts? These are exercises in which you must use the most energy to perform them. Many strength exercises – multi-joint involves the secondary muscle parts, ie biceps, triceps. For example, when you are squeezing your chest, you are engaging the triceps quite heavily, while pulling yourself up, you’re engaging the biceps strongly. Combine muscle groups to have more exercise benefits. Apart from combining muscle groups, at the beginning do exercises that require the most strength. For triceps it can be a barbell squeezing – a narrow handle. For biceps the best choice will be bending shoulders with a broken griffin or dumbbells (alternately).


Change the exercise technique!

Do you do the same exercises for a long time and you can not see the effects? Nothing strange. Most organisms adapt to exercise, even if they work sensationally at the beginning. If you want to see steady progress, change your workouts on average every 6 to 8 weeks.

In addition, try out different exercise techniques that were created to maximize your muscle energy. These techniques include exercise until failure, drop – sets, “rest – pause” and negative repetitions. Each of these techniques can contribute to the development of muscles to a large extent.

However, the best way to muscular arms are great – series. This technique allows you to do 2 exercises in one series (the second exercise is done directly after the first one). Thanks to this, you will cause even more blood flow through the muscles, and you will also make training shorter thanks to the combined series.


Exercise your muscles in different angles!

To fully develop your arm muscles you have to do exercises in different ways. For example, if you bend your arms with dumbbells, the muscle works differently if the exercise is done with a “hammer” handle, and otherwise if you bend your arms making a twist while lifting. Doing exercises on the biceps with the hammer grip lengthens the muscle, while practicing on the straight banner, you emphasize the biceps. The way you grab a dumbbell or barbell is equally important. Both the snag and the grip recruit arm flexors in a slightly different way.


Use different numbers of repetitions!

Most of the trainings have a repetition range of 6 – 12. This is of course a good solution, but making changes to make the training not monotonous is a better solution. For example, at the beginning of the workout try out 4-6 repetitions in a series with the largest possible weight. Another exercise, try the standard 8-12 reps, and finally leave the exercise for the largest pump. For example, exercise “21” or 15-25 repetitions – with a slightly smaller weight. When changing training, also change the number of repetitions. Any type of training that will trigger a new impulse will be good!

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