The researchers compared the classical medium intensity training (aerobic) with the HIIT session where the same amount of energy was spent (300 kJ per session). 


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Forty-three participants were divided into groups 

The training lasted 12 weeks. The amount of visceral and subcutaneous fat in the torso was measured using computed tomography. Aerobics were performed on the Monark ergometer, 839E, Sweden. The intervals consisted of 4 minutes of work with the intensity of 90% of maximum oxygen absorption, followed by a 3-minute rest (passive) until 300 kJ (71.7 kcal) were spent. The term of office was 60 rpm. Initially, they were trained three times a week, from the fifth week, 4x a week. 


In terms of the decrease in the amount of visceral fat in the trunk

The amount of adipose tissue decreased by 

Does this mean that the intervals give similar effects to aerobics? It depends on the use of young, highly fatigued women (~ 38% of adipose tissue). It will not necessarily be the same for athletes. 


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