Benches, training equipment, and even handrails from the stairs – all gym spaces are filled with innumerable bacteria that we excrete along with our sweat. Do you want to start spring training? We advise on how to care for health and hygiene during the fight for a slim figure. 


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Before you buy a ski pass, compare the gyms located in the neighborhood 

Today, when entering a sports club, we do not have to worry about dingy rooms … But remember! Just because it seems clean at first glance does not mean that it is. In a decent gym should be a new ventilation system, clean bathrooms with showers and cabinets. In addition, if you notice a sticky note on the wall with signatures of cleaning people, it will be a good signal. 

Never parade the gym barefoot 

All rooms in the gym are permeated with bacteria, and walking barefoot, we can get serious skin infections. Therefore, if you plan to take a shower after training, take the flip from the house. 

Disinfect the equipment 

Disinfection of equipment before and after exercise is the most important activity, thanks to which we can maintain hygiene at the gym, which at the same time is the most forgotten form of fight for cleanliness. Therefore, make sure that paper towels and antibacterial sprays are returned to favor. 

Do not touch your face with dirty hands 

During exercise, try not to touch your face. Sweaty hands are the habitat of germs that can cause many damages. 

Always have your own water 

Never drink from someone else’s bottles, and if you want to share your own water, take care of the glass. 

Bring at least 2 towels 

One of the rules of using the gym is to spread your own towel on the exercise benches. For what purpose? This is to protect against both you and the users of the equipment in the next step. After taking a shower, do not use the same towel to rub the body! Always bring two with you. 

Invest in a decent training outfit 

Exercise clothes do not have to be fashionable and expensive – the most important thing is to be comfortable, airy and made of good quality fabrics (cotton, polyester, Lycra). 

Bring your own exercise mat 

If you attend fitness, always bring your own exercise mat and disinfect with an antibacterial spray after each workout. 

Always take a shower after training 

After each workout, take a decent shower and scrub your body from the toxins you sweat out. Well-being after swimming in lukewarm water guaranteed! 

Take care of the cleanliness of the outfit and the bag 

After training, put on your outfit and shoes in a separate bag and take them out as soon as you come home. Regularly wind the shoes and use an antifungal spray, and feather after each workout at high temperature. 


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