Many people sooner or later begin to struggle with the question of how to carve a body without losing hard-earned muscle mass. It is not an easy task, but it is feasible. Yes, often during the sculpture period, instead of losing fat tissue and revealing muscles, we literally lose weight in the eyes, which is obviously not the desired effect. To deal with this, follow the instructions below. 


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1. Fast does not mean good 

It is absolutely not necessary to reduce the calorific balance to an absolute minimum from the first days of the figure sculpting period. By doing this, of course, you will burn fat, but along with it will also burn the muscle tissue. To gradually reduce subcutaneous adipose tissue, it is sufficient to gradually cut the caloric demand. In the first week of the sculpture period, it is enough to reduce the demand by 100-200 kcal. It should be understood that the loss of body fat in a very short time will lead to emaciated body build, and not to a more beautiful figure with outlined muscles. Set real goals before you and follow them with small steps. The correct result will be a loss of 0.5-0.8 kg per week. During the sculpture, patience and reason are the most important. 

2. Moderate in cardio training 

Cardio training is obviously a great way to increase daily energy consumption, and as a consequence reduce excess body fat, however, too frequent and long aerobic workouts prevent proper regeneration. Providing adequate rest time will protect muscles from losing their volume. If, without regular aerobic training, there is no decrease in subcutaneous fat, abnormalities should be sought in a diet that is either poorly balanced or too low in calories. Of course, one should not give up aerobic training completely, especially during the period of sculpture, just keep the golden mean and not spend a few hours a day, e.g. on a run. 

3. Bet on the intervals 

Interval training is the perfect solution for fat burning and simultaneous muscle development. Performing interval trainings a week will ensure maximum fat burning and trigger natural lipid metabolism processes. Interval training is a much more difficult method, and due to the work of maximum intensity requires some experience and knowledge of your body. 

We should always take special care when exercising interval training. Including them in the weekly program, you should give up some aerobic training. We do not do three aerobic workouts and the same number of intervals during the week, because it will result in impaired regeneration processes and loss of muscle mass. It is enough to change cardio intervals every now and then. This will be an additional incentive for the body to burn body fat and uncover muscle sculpture. 

4. Remember about food 

Some athletes consume no more than 1,800 kcal per day during the sculpture period, and even less. This is an absolutely incorrect approach during body sculpting. The rapid drop in calories consumed leads to rapid loss of muscle tissue and slows down the metabolism of fats. The body begins to defend against hunger and tries to store everything in the form of fat, transforming it into muscle energy. And yet this is not the goal of training people. Yes, everyone is different and what works for a given person will not necessarily work for the other person. However, it should first of all be remembered that a negative caloric balance should never mean hunger strike. 

5. Do not give up typical strength training 

The period of sculpture is a well balanced diet taking into account the caloric deficit and the combination of strength and endurance training (cardio / intervals). Recall how strength training looked like while building muscle mass. Probably based on the average or low number of repetitions and weight within 70-90% CM. It was these stimuli that made the muscles grow. By ceasing to do such workouts, we deprive the body of the main reason for growth, but also for remaining muscle mass at the current level. What is the reason for the body to maintain a high level of muscle tissue when there is no longer a high load? It starts to treat muscles as something unnecessary, something that absorbs excessive amounts of energy, and if it is, then you should get rid of it. You should not give him a reason to behave like that. Do not give up the training load. In one session, do mainly exercises with heavy load and accessory exercises with an increased number of repetitions. Muscle tissue will be properly stimulated, and the body will not start to burn it, because it will need it. 


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