Choosing the weight of a dumbbell may seem difficult for beginners, because there is no specific rule here. Everyone has to choose the weight of dumbbells for their own training possibilities. In order to choose the right weight and type of dumbbell, it is best to go to the fitness equipment store and try different types of dumbbells on the spot. 


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To start with, choose a light dumbbell 

For starters, choose lightweight dumbbells, but which already offer light resistance when lifting. It’s more about muscle habits to work with the load, but not too forceful. Beginners should try dumbbells weighing 5 kg, but you should not be guided by this value at all costs. Be sure to follow the other tips. 

Perform 12 repetitions of any exercise 

It is worth doing 12 repetitions of some simple exercise using a dumbbell of a chosen weight, such as bending or lifting your arms and check if it does not cause too much effort. If we do this exercise with great difficulty or the opposite – dumbbells will prove too light, you should test another weight. Think about what you care about – if you are building strength or endurance. If strength – you can decide on a smaller weight, but do more repetitions, if you want to build strength – you can choose a bigger weight and perform fewer repetitions. 

Try dumbbells of different weights 

Start with the lightest and gradually increase your weight. The ideal dumbbells are those with which you are able to perform at least 12 repetitions of the same exercise at the same rate. If you do it without much effort, read do not feel the dumbbell and you are able to do some additional repetitions, increase the weight by a few units and once again do the exercise. Remember, however, to keep the same rate of incomes at all times – if it is easy for you at the beginning and you are clearly slowing down at the end, choose a lighter one. 

Choose several dumbbell sets 

The dumbbell should be chosen depending on which muscle group you want to exercise. The larger the muscle group, the more weight we should apply. Small-to-medium-weight dumbbells are used for bicepping, triceps and shoulder muscles exercises, while medium-to-high-weight dumbbells are better suited for chest and back muscles exercises. 

Increase the weight as the form improves 

Your form will increase over time and the previously used dumbbells will probably prove to be too light. If you feel that you are able to easily make a few more lifts than before, increase the weight by 5-10% of your current weight. 


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