Before you go 

Already at the packaging stage, think about how to implement a slimming diet during your holiday. If you are going to a place where diets are served, read the reviews on the internet and see if the dishes were really light? Intending to feed on their own? Pack several products that will be your iron supplies, and at the same time be healthy and filling. What to take? 


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Packaging of muesli without sugar – can be eaten or added to yoghurt. 

A few sachets of fruit mousse without sugar – will be great as a quick snack. 

Healthy ready-made – you can already buy ready-made dishes for pouring with water, which have a great composition (eg Inna Bajka grimac ..) 

Chips from dried fruit without added sugar – apple, strawberry, pear, pineapple (eg Crispy). 

2-3 packs of different species of nuts. 

If eating under a tent, in a place where it will be difficult to store food, get jars of dinners for children (eg Bobovita, Gerber). The best products for children over 2 years old have more solid pieces. 

Field conditions also require the right equipment – a portable travel refrigerator is useful. Also think about a single-burner gas stove, which you will buy for a few dozen zlotys. For a shorter route, you need a thermal-insulating bag. 

During the trip 

My most important advice is to look after the number and time of meals. If you eat regularly and do not overdo it with the size of the portion you will not get fat! Even. if you happen to eat fries, fried fish or other holiday delicacy. 

Enjoy fresh fruit. Just remember to wash them every time. In the summer, delicious, low-calorie fruits and vegetables are available to eat at will. Summer is also the time when you naturally want to eat less, because it is hot. At high temperatures, it also accelerates metabolism. 

When you eat in a restaurant try to choose dishes according to the protein scheme (fish, chicken, beef) + vegetables (raw or cooked). In this one exceptional situation, I advise you to limit carbohydrates. In this way, you reduce the chances of eating a high-calorie meal. 

Take every opportunity to move – long walks, swimming, outdoor games with children! 

Any unneeded holiday incident, for example, treat waffles like a meal. Did you eat a waffle with fresh fruit and whipped cream? You have passed the afternoon tea! 

Watch out for sweetened beverages and alcohol – the perpetrators of caloric surpluses during the holiday. Drink calorie liquids mainly water! Always have a filter bottle with you that you can fill with water anywhere! 

After leaving 

Contrary to appearances, the hardest is after returning from vacation. When you leave, you move much more often, and now you have to sit behind your desk again. If you have eaten more quantitatively than usual (I hope not!) You will also feel hunger. Now you understand? No traffic + more hunger = risk of fatigue. For this reason, after the holidays, especially plan your workout and diet! 



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