Under the concept of effective weight loss, we understand not only the reduction of body weight, but also the improvement in the aesthetics of the figure, as well as maintaining the effect achieved for a longer time. In practice, it is not always the loss of extra kilos that is associated with the improvement of appearance, besides quite often it happens that the slimming effect of our sacrifices is only temporary.

Can this be remedied? Are people struggling with overweight years able to effectively lose weight? 


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It turns out that usually the blame for failure in the fight for a better figure bears our innate tendency to seek a shortcut. We would love to lose weight in a week or even faster, but the possible negative consequences of drastic practices are not particularly interesting to us. Unfortunately, accumulated fat will not disappear for years, even if we stopped eating completely, ran marathons and used the most expensive supplements in the world, we would not be able to improve our appearance in a few days! 

So the first thing you should do to lose weight is to change the way you think and realize that working on your figure takes time. So let’s think about whether we really want to lose weight effectively, or whether we feel overweight and have only temporary impulses that make us try to test the fashionable “diet of the colored press” from time to time, at the expense of our own health. In fact, the answer to this question is crucial, because if we act on the basis of momentary outrages, and not a real and conscious need, then of course, effective motivation to act and the resulting change in appearance and the loss of extra kilograms will not be possible. 

The next step is to use an effective method. Since we already know that shortcuts lead to the proverbial “astray”, we also understand that all diets of a few or a dozen days are not the right solution to our problem. The most reasonable option is to consult a dietitian and, if necessary, a qualified trainer, that is, specialists who will professionally manage slimming, provide advice and support, and react in case of any tripping. It is worth knowing that contemporary trends in dietetics and training are focused on adapting all solutions to the individual needs of clients, so you do not have to worry that the trainer will recommend a killing training at an early dawn, and the dietitian will only eat broccoli and alfalfa sprouts six times a day 

Of course, effective weight loss can also be carried out alone, in this situation, however, you should devote additional time to assimilate the basic principles of composing the diet and to plan well the physical activity. Any changes in the diet should be introduced gradually, no drastic caloric cuts are indicated, because the body does not like shock therapies and has effective ways to oppose them. First, it is worth saving all eaten foods on a piece of paper, in a text file on your computer or preferably – in a diet diary (available on our website), which additionally counts calories and determines the content of fat, carbohydrates and protein. 


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