Your holiday is coming fast, and the condition is still not the best? Time to roll the hardest works! Here’s a way that will allow you to quickly lose a few kilos and get ready for the summer. Do not let your beach look get spoiled by excessive adipose tissue. We present tricks that are worth using in the best form at all.

Although in a few weeks you can not lose too much body fat or build muscles, you can make your figure much more attractive. Start by getting rid of water from the body. It is through her that we often have a characteristically swollen face and less well-defined muscles.

How to get rid of water from the body? Do not worry, you do not have to pass on any “detox”, the body perfectly detoxifies itself with the help of kidneys and liver. If you want to get rid of excess water, limit the consumption of salt and processed products (such as fries, chips etc.) and drink a lot of water. Yes, drinking a lot of water paradoxically helps to get rid of it from the body. You can also help with diuresis (diuretic), for example Pu-Erh red tea or dietary supplements.

Good form without hard exercises? Forget it! If you want to be in the summer, heavy strength training is waiting for you. Unfortunately, you cannot mock your crutches or ride a bicycle – it’s ineffective. Instead, reach for heavy, multi-joint exercises, such as deadlift, squats with barbells, military squeezing or barbell rowing. Thanks to them you will burn a lot of calories and strengthen your muscles. What to do to develop a six-pack? The truth is that it is already worked out now it’s time to show it by getting rid of body fat. If you want to strengthen your abdominal muscles¬†instead of crunches, make plank.

Although you can not do two whole-body workouts day after da. This does not mean that you have to wait for the training day idly. On the way to your dream figure you should take all the possibilities. A great idea to diversify weight loss is to introduce intervals, that is short, but very intense workouts. You can do intervals by running, riding a bike or jumping on a skipping rope. You can easily do it using gym equipment,

We do not slow down the pace. Although just after the training you feel like laying on the sofa and falling asleep, we suggest active rest. Take a walk, change your car for a bike or go for a swim. This is an additional brick for an all-day energy expenditure. Look at it also in a different way: thanks to the high physical activity you do not have to reach for an extremely restrictive diet. You will get a deficit not only by cutting calories from food, but also by increasing the body’s caloric demand.

What makes you thin is the calorie deficit. If the body uses more calories than it provides from food, it has to draw energy from other sources. You care for this source of fat tissue. Remember that the calorie deficit is not synonymous with fasting. On the contrary, you can not be hungry while slimming! If you choose a hunger, you will lose some weight, but it will be mainly lost muscles. You do not expect it?

You hear it from everywhere and you’ve had enough, right? The facts, however, are that diet is really the basis of weight loss. In the last period before the holidays, look after her like an eye in your head. Do not allow yourself any deviations and gluttony, because one day of freedom can destroy whole week asceticism. In the period just before the holidays, stick to the diet plan and forget about cheat meals. Do you feel like sweet?

Dietary supplements do not work? It means that you have reached the wrong supplements. Professional slimming supplements will really help your weight loss, and their effects are noticeable. They can help digestion, increase thermogenesis, facilitate lipolysis or suppress appetite. However, it is not necessary to add that they are only an addition to diet and training and can not replace them. Use their power and screw up your weight loss at the highest pace!

Did you know that bodybuilding is largely the art of illusion? Perfectly shaped muscles are not only hard work, but also play of light, the ability to pose or a favorable setting on the stage. Use it to your advantage. How?

Start by choosing the right clothes. Choose the ones that will emphasize your strengths. For men, it can be, for example, fitted jackets or polo shirts that extend the shoulders, while ladies – flared skirt. If you choose too large, unmatched clothes, you will look bad even if you have a six pack on your stomach and your back is wide like an airport.

A minor scam that is worth using on the beach is … gently inflating the muscles. Before you take your T-shirt off the beach, do a few series of push-ups and exercises involving barges. Thanks to this, your muscles will be better supplied with blood and, what can I say, bigger. Not without reason, the bodybuilders “pump” just before entering the stage. Has anyone said that you can not use this trick on your vacation?

To sum up, we all know that working out a perfect form is a year of sacrifice and hard work. You can not do it at the last minute, just before you go on vacation. If someone promises you that you will drop a few tens of kilos in a month and you will shine with a flat stomach, stay away from that person. With a bit of work, however, you can achieve completely decent results that will noticeably improve your appearance. A better sparrow in a hand than a canary on the roof.

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